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Santa Eulalia de Boveda

Santa Eulalia de Boveda

The uniqueness of the Church of Santa Eulalia de Bóveda in western Europe (located quite near the city of Lugo) has led to multiple interpretations...


Lugo e A Terra Chá


The geo-destination, Lugo e a Terra Chá, contains the municipalities of Abadín, Antas de Ulla, A Pastoriza, Baralla, Begonte, Castro de Rei, Castroverde, Cospeito, Friol, Guitiriz, Guntín, Láncara, Lugo, Meira, Monterroso, Muras, O Corgo, O Páramo, Outeiro de Rei, Palas de Rei, Pol, Rábade, Riotorto, Sarria, Vilalba and Xermade.

This is a land like no other. In contrast to the typical Galician landscape, A Terra Cha is a vast plain, the largest in Galicia. An plain of perennially green plains zigzagged by numerous rivers and lakes. Such as the River Miño which – instead of continuing to the sea – takes a detour round the city of Lugo. Perhaps to admire the Roman Wall... Or the famous tapa-eating atmosphere of the Old Town.

Here, water abounds. In elegant spas such as those in Lugo and Guitiriz, or ecologically important wetlands such as the Cospeito lagoon lagoon – where, according to legend, a city lies submerged by divine punishment – now the residence of ducks and otters.


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