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Nature and vineyards

Nature and vineyards

There are no human settlements in the Parque Natural de O Invernadeiro; it's pure nature...


Verín - Viana


The geo-destination, Verín - Viana, contains the municipalities:  A Gudiña, A Mezquita, Castrelo do Val, Cualedro, Laza, Monterrei, Oímbra, Riós, Verín, Viana do Bolo, Vilardevós and Vilariño de Conso.

Verín, Laza and Viana do Bolo are famous for their delirious carnival festivals – O Entroido –perhaps the most ancient and exotic carnivals in Spain. Unique characters such as the "Cigarrón", the "Peliqueiro" and the "Boteiro" turn the streets into an explosion of colour and life around a ceremonial magic.

Verín is located in a fertile valley irrigated by the River Támega and crowned by the Castle of Monterrei, the largest in Galicia, and near the border with Portugal. This is a land of healing waters, because here can be found the highest concentration of medicinal mineral waters in Galicia: Sousas, Fontenova, Cabreiroá, Caldeliñas, Requeixo...

Verín is also the land of D.O. Monterrei, which produces some of the most modern wines in Galicia. Monterrei wines were already known in the Middle Ages and even went so far as America with the fifth Earl of Monterrei, who was Viceroy of the Indies.


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