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On the Way of St. James


Parish: Doniños (San Román)

Place: Doniños

15593  Ferrol - A Coruña

43º 29' 45.2" N - 8º 19' 09.0" W


Straight beach, with magnificent white sand, windy with heavy waves (careful with the currents). Rural environment. It has two accesses: Punta Penencia (few people) and Outeiro (crowded). Ideal for surfing, with the "Circuito O´Neill" trial events. Punta do Castro (northern edge), has the remains of a Pre-Roman "Castro" where jewels and Celtic artefacts were found; on the beach, on the ruins of a castle, are the installations of a coastal artillery battery, served by the Navy. The history goes that on 25-08-1800, an English fleet of over a hundred warships and a large number of infantry arrived off the beach, ready to disembark and take Ferrol. Although it seemed easy, Admiral Warren´s troops had considerable difficulties with the undertow. The ships were bombarded by Ferrol cannons, the road was well-defended, and the passage via the lagoon was not practical. And so Doniños Beach contributed to the English defeat.

The Ways of St. James

The English Camino


Blue Flag
Length (meters): 1700.0
Summer season occupation: High
Type: Open Beach
Type of sand: Fine

Kinds of services

Bus within 500 m
Daily cleaning service
Parking within 500 m
Red Cross
Restaurant within 500 m
Security Service
Signs indicating sea condition
Telephone within 500 m
W.C. Toilets
Waste-paper bins
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