Manzaneda - Ourense

42º 16' 00.3" N - 7º 11' 07.0" W
42º 16' 15.7" N - 7º 11' 22.6" W


General interest / Natural interest / Landscape interest
Among ancient chestnut trees, this route goes into the Central Massif to cover one of the most unknown areas within the municipality of Manzaneda. A place where, despite the ongoing depopulation, traditional activities such as animal grazing, farming and chestnut gathering are still kept alive.
After crossing San Miguel de Bidueira and leaving behind the parish church of the same name we come across the sign indicating the beginning of the route. From here, with the panoramic Prada Glacier behind us, we head towards the village of Trabazos, which hides the chapel of Santo Antonio, until we come to Cubeiros. From Borruga, crossing the Souto de Tonxil and Placín, we come to the end of the route on the outskirts of San Miguel de Bidueira.
At this point it is possible to join PR-G 138.


In A Pobra de Trives, in the east of Ourense, take the diversion towards Manzaneda on OU-0701 passing through Mendoi, Sobrado and the centre of Manzaneda until you come to San Miguel de Bidueira.


Due to the high mountains and the duration of the route, good walking shoes, warm clothes, food and water are recommended.


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Further information

Manzaneda Town Council
Casa Consistorial. Estrada de Raigada, s/n.
32781 Manzaneda
Tel.: 988 333 043 / Fax: 988 333 048

Galician Mountaineering Association
(see page 146)

cartography I.G.N. (1:25:000)

Nº227-II Manzaneda y 228-I A Veiga.

Bicycle access

Totally suitable

Horse access

Totally suitable

Point of Departure / Arrival

Point of arrival: San Miguel de Bidueira (Manzaneda) - UTM:29T X:649421 Y:4681672
Starting point: San Miguel de Bidueira (Manzaneda) - UTM:29T X:649786 Y:4681206



San Miguel de Bidueira, Trabazos, Cubeiros, Borruga, Soutos de Tonxil, Placín, San Miguel de Bidueira.

A plus

Chestnut gathering: “The rummaging”
During the months of October and November the chestnut forests or “soutos” are full of gatherers looking for chestnuts. The most common variety in the municipality of Manzaneda is the yellow chestnut, of high quality and highly valued on the market. Besides being one of the largest domestic producers of chestnuts, Manzaneda boasts the largest chestnut tree perimeter in Galicia, located in Rozabales and within walking distance of the route.
The end of the chestnut season is marked by the activity known as “A rebusca” - The rummaging, when the last chestnuts of the year are selected by hand.


Off the route, in Manzaneda.

Altitudinal profile

Minimum height above sea level: 671 m.
Maximum height above sea level: 941 m.
Cumulative elevation loss: 342 m.
Cumulative elevation gain: 346 m.
Trail elevation profile




Length: Main route is 10.83 km. and the diversion 540 m..
Length (Km.): 11.37



Kind of route

Small travel


Last update: 18/11/2016