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Ribeira Sacra


Ribeira Sacra

The waters of the Rivers Sil and Miño flow and then create a divine environment, the Ribeira Sacra....

Ribeira Sacra e Canón do Sil


Ribeira Sacra e Canón do Sil

The river erosion of the Sil gradually carved out the deep channel...

Hidden heritage

Ribeira Sacra: Among Vines and Monasteries

The Ribeira Sacra is a land marked by the two great rivers that shape it, as well as by the faith and spirituality that still surrounds the many monasteries scattered throughout its beautiful landscape.

Inhabited since ancient times, its rich history, stunning nature and delicious cuisine are a sure bet for the senses.


  • Starting point: O Saviñao
  • Destination: Parada de Sil
  • Days: 3
  • Km (approx): 17 Km
The monastic expression in stone
blesses the tranquillity of the village...
The roads kneel down
Embracing the cruceiro* in a blue eternity
of stone and sky.
      Luís Amado Carballo.

Route - Day 1

We begin our journey in the town of O Saviñao in Lugo, where we learn about one of the many religious buildings that have given this land its nickname of 'Sagrada' ('Holy'): the Monastery of Santo Estevo de Ribas de Miño.

Built in the late twelfth century, it is one of the most impressive examples of rural Galician Romanesque. Its location – on a steep bank of the river that bears its name – required the construction of a crypt in order to give it more elevation, resulting in it appearing to be suspended over the vineyards. Its delicately chiselled granite façade recalls the work of Mestre Mateo on the Pórtico da Gloria.
Still within the municipal limits, we'll visit the church of San Paio de Diomondi. Of legendary and mythical origin, it joined the Benedictine Order in the tenth century. On 22 and 23 August, the devote invade the parish to celebrate the Remedios pilgrimage. Besides the religious ceremonies and petitions to the Virgin, they also take the opportunity to indulge their palates with a delicious lunch in a centuries-old carballeira (oak grove) a few metres from the church.
Following the course of the River Miño, we arrive at the church of San Martiño da Cova. This is a late thirteenth-century Romanesque church that was part of the monastery of Santo Agostiño. This beautiful building houses paintings depicting the Holy Trinity. From here, we can also start to enjoy some of the stunning views of the rugged landscape surrounding the church, but first we still need to walk a bit. After hiking a trail through some thick vegetation, we arrive at the Cova viewpoint where we have a superb view of the River Miño meander, known as the Cabo do Mundo (Edge of the World). Here is where the meandering river changes direction in the midst of a great calm. After carefully descending a steep, narrow trail surrounded by terraces, we now arrive at the Cova's river beach that we could see from San Martiño. It's a lovely place to spend a warm summer's day protected from the wind by the untamed wilderness.

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