"The Galician landscape we see here was
created with patience and determination,
by generations and generations of Galicians
with their work, and with their hands."

Ramón Piñeiro (1913-1990), writer

This is a landscape that we Galicians like to call "humanised landscape" —a house here, a house there— where one village or town is never too far away from the other, and the inhabited spaces are always small.

In the most hidden places, briars, ancient and mysterious woods.

"Granite is the most common kind of rock found in Galicia. Its smooth, opulent and often decrepit outlines make up the large landscapes and small details  [...]

The pazos (country houses), Roman temples and rural abodes are all made from granite."

Ramón Otero Pedrayo (1888-1976). Writer

Here you will find an ancient Atlantic
kingdom that is home to almost
three million Galicians. 

Most Galician people
live on the coast.

Sixty-six percent of the population live along the undulating and twisted relief of the Baroque coastline.

The Atlantic dictates the rules.
From this ocean come the rains
that keep our countryside evergreen;
into this ocean Galicia's thousand
rivers empty their waters and it is
this ocean that brings the Gulf Stream
to give us our benign climate.