«Our glass was filled
with all the water in the sea
to make up a cocktail of horizons.»

Manuel Antonio (1900-1929), poet

The fishing catches unloaded in Galicia make up 60% of the total catches of the entire Spanish territory.

The ancient Roman poet Martial sang, in Latin, the excellencies of the fish and shellfish from the “Galaic Ocean”.

Against the backdrop of this wild sea, this Atlantic Ocean, we Galicians feel the whole of Europe behind us.

The highest cliffs in continental Europe, with an altitude of 620 m, are found at Santo André de Teixido, Cedeira.

The 1,498 km long Galician coastline includes over 800 km of cliffs and close to 300 km of beaches.

Galicia has 700 beaches with fine white sand, as well as a multitude of small coves. Carnota beach, with a length of 12 km, is Galicia's longest beach.

The ocean's turbulence diminishes in the estuaries.

In these unique geographical formations the sea penetrates the land and the land comes alive. In the twelve Galician estuaries, the landscape is always full of surprises.