Meeting in Punta Carboeira, the twin estuaries of Ares and Betanzos are lands of nobility and legend. The sea, calm and generous, offers some of the liveliest beaches of the Rías Altas, pperfect for sunbathing and enjoying water sports. Ares, Redes, Cabanas, Pontedeume, Perbes, Miño, Sada... Fishing towns, majestic villas and a holiday atmosphere.

And towards the interior, Bergondo and its splendid Romanesque church. Or Betanzos, the "capital of Galician Gothic", with jewels such as the Sepulchre of the Andrade family, or the church of Santa María do Azougue.

Inland, near Pontedeume are there "Fragas do Eume", one Europe's best preserved Atlantic forests, with landscapes that seem to belong in a dream. A frenzy of vegetation that includes birches, oaks and ferns which, fed by the waters of the Eo river are home to deer, foxes and badgers. The forest also hides two other jewels, the monasteries of mosteiros de Caaveiro and Monfero.

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