Folgoso do Courel - Lugo

42º 36' 50.9" N - 7º 05' 48.6" W

The Walk

Devesa da Rogueira 
Through the most beautiful forest

This route is located in the serra do Courel, the area with the greatest plant diversity in Galicia, and crosses devesa da Rogueira, an Atlantic forest with an extraordinary diversity of trees. Beech, yew, maple, chestnut and oak trees, among others, make this place a paradise for botany lovers in particular and nature lovers in general.

Its fauna is also diverse, hosting roe deer, weasels, wild cats and dormice, as well as species endemic to the north of the peninsula such as the Iberian newt and the Iberian frog.

The route starts at the top of alto do Couto, at an altitude of 1,311 m, along a path that goes into the dehesa, with alternative viewpoints overlooking the valley and the forest. It is a route full of magical corners crossed by streams and marked by waterfalls that will lead us to the fontes do Cervo. There we will find two springs, one of calcareous waters and the other of ferruginous waters famous for their medicinal properties, and which in the area are known as fontes da Fame, as they were drunk to whet the appetite.

From here we head towards the Polín viewpoint, where we can take a break to enjoy the views before starting the return journey.


Length: 4.4 km (one way)
starting point: Alto do Couto 42°36'50.99"N / 7°5'48.64"W
End Point :
Polín viewpoint 42°36'42.51"N / 7°7'38.20"W

Accessibility to consider

Rugged terrain
Slippery terrain areas
Steep slopes


Between forests and mountains
Initial pickup date: 01/01/2021