Galician seafood workshop

In this workshop you’ll know everything about the different types of seafood and different ways to prepare it and also how to taste it in the most accurate and healthier way.
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In this workshop you’ll focus on the peculiarities and culinary process of the different types of seafood, its preparation and as it could not be otherwise you’ll taste this famous Galician sea delicacy. The range of crustaceans and molluscs is very broad therefore it’s very important to know their special characteristics as some of them can even be eaten raw. Get to know the different ways to prepare it, the best season for each type of seafood, geographical areas where it’s caught and how to eat it in the healthier and tasty manner.
  • Galician seafood workshop

Services included

Demonstration class of 2h30-3 hours
Informative talk about the different dishes and its ingredients
Elaboration and plating tips

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