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O Ribeiro


O Ribeiro

O Ribeiro is a land of fertile valleys crossed by numerous rivers such as the Miño, the Arnoia or the Avia. O Ribeiro is synonymous with wine...

O Ribeiro Route...


O Ribeiro – located around the middle course of the river Miño, to the west of the province of Ourense and bordering on that of Pontevedra – offers visitors a varied repertory of cultural, scenic and gastronomic attractions which make this area one of the most interesting in inland Galicia.


Its most important town is Ribadavia, well connected by motorway and train with Ourense and Vigo, from which it is 25 and 65 km away, respectively.

Water from its rivers, spas and reservoirs plays a main role in the area's personality. On their passage through these lands, the Rivers Miño, Arnoia and Avia produce successive pools and gorges, thus creating the emblematic landscape of O Ribeiro. Most of the population of the region is settled in the river valleys. The landscape we see is gentle in nature, the Faro de Avión being the highest point at 1,154 metres. Although there are no great heights, Nature has blessed the area with several viewpoints from where we can contemplate the landscape, full of vineyards and orchards, so typical of this region. There are many natural sites of great value, such as Pena Corneira and the banks of the Miño, Arnoia and Avia.

It is located in the southern part of Galicia and escapes from the influence of the Atlantic storms and also far from the harshness of the mountains, which gives this area an Oceanic-Mediterranean transition climate.

The vegetation is the result of the combined action of Nature and human influence. The first provided the necessary conditions of fertile soil and mild climate, and the second gradually adapted the environment to human needs. The lush forests follow the channels of the rivers. The vine stands out among all the crops of the area, frequently arranged in spectacular terraces. The different varieties of O Ribeiro gave these lands' wines a reputation of quality that was already recognised in times of the Roman Empire.

The passing of the centuries left a great wealth of monuments in the form of mediaeval hamlets, monasteries, churches, convents and bridges. The numerous archaeological remains, such as burial mounds, dolmens and "castros" (Celtic settlements), show us that people have been here since ancient times. During the Middle Ages, Ribadavia was home to a large Jewish community, whose influence is still felt nowadays even in the region's gastronomy. Today the, O Ribeiro offers a full range of leisure activities which include cultural events, gastronomy, recreational activities in contact with nature and hydrotherapy.


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