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The route of the camellia

  • Pazo de Oca

    Itinerary "Camellias: accommodation in…Paradores"

    Pazo de Oca

  • Castle Soutomaior

    Itinerary "Camellias: accommodation in…Pazos"

    Castle Soutomaior

  • Pazo Quinteiro da Cruz

    Itinerary "Camellias and wineries"

    Pazo Quinteiro da Cruz


Galicia boasts the perfect conditions for the cultivation of camellias. A humid climate, mild temperatures and acidic, fertile soil cause the spectacular growth of these plants, surprising experts the world over.

Camellias arrived in Galicia in the late eighteenth century from distant countries like China and Japan. They were originally planted in the gardens of the manors and stately mansions of the Galician nobility, but eventually found their way into gardens and farms – both public and private – throughout the region, until they converted Galicia into an international leader in the cultivation and production of this plant. Galicia is currently home to nearly 8,000 varieties of camellia.

We’d like to propose several routes through some of the most spectacular gardens in Galicia.
We’ll stop in the fascinating green spaces of the most unique pazos in the provinces of A Coruña and Pontevedra. We’ll discover all the secrets hidden by both the stones as well the botanical species of these uniquely charming places. The most representative local products and wines from each region will intensify the exquisitely tasteful nature of our trip.

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To read and print...

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