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This section of our site offers everything you need to know to plan your visit to Galicia. There is information about accommodation of all kinds, including hotels, guest houses, hostels, rural guest houses and campsites, where you can relax and sleep. You can find restaurants where you don't just go to eat, but to savour our cuisine. And most especially, you will discover where to enjoy your leisure time: visiting country homes, museums, cathedrals, churches, historic districts , natural areas and beaches, or enjoying sports, shopping or hiking.
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Ethnographic - Others A "CANLE" DE PRADOALBAR
32557 Vilariño de Conso - Ourense
Sigular Ensemble A FERRERÍA
27347 O Incio - Lugo
"Albariza" (Limestone dwelling) ALBARIZA DE SAN BARTOLOMEU DE PEREIRA
36557 Forcarei - Pontevedra
"Albariza" (Limestone dwelling) ALBARIZA DO CANDÁN
36556 Forcarei - Pontevedra
"Albariza" (Limestone dwelling) ALBARIZA EN A FREIXEIRA
36556 Forcarei - Pontevedra
"Albariza" (Limestone dwelling) ALBARIZA EN A ROCHELA
36556 Forcarei - Pontevedra
"Albariza" (Limestone dwelling) ALBARIZA EN BALVÍS
15687 Cabanas - A Coruña
27276 Baleira - Lugo
Sigular Ensemble ALDEA DE A GRIXOÁ
27532 Carballedo - Lugo
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