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Sea routes by boat

Come aboard ready to enjoy a delightful tourist trip through Galicia's estuaries.

Tourist boats

Cruises, catamarans and motorboats are all waiting to show you the seabed and our seafarms teeming with shellfish and other sea creatures.

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Cruceros Fisterra.com

Cruise at the end of the world

 Daytime route: Enroll on a real adventure. Cabo Fisterra, with its 3 km of land penetrates into the sea and from the vessel we can appreciate the greatness of its environment. Feel the magic of the place like the pilgrims of the Middle Ages, who did not consider their journey done till reaching  Finis Terrae. Continue sailing to Lobeira island whose lighthouse still functions with the primitive technique of an acetylene lantern, the beaches of Langosteira and Estorde, Fisterra lighthouse and legendary castles of Corcubión and Ameixenda. Evening route: We embark in Fisterra with views of Langosteira and Serra beaches. Rounding the rocky coast with its small coves we reach the beach of Sardiñeiro. Just then the sun sinks behind the mountains and the day seems to have ended. The boat continues its route along the beach of Estorde, until you can make out in the distance Corcubión and Cee, pointing prow towards Fisterra lighthouse. Suddenly the sun appears staining the sky red the boat siren sounds in the middle of the ocean greeting the pilgrims observing the phenomenon from the lighthouse. 
Booking: Cruceros Fisterra.com
Cruceros Ángel, S.L.

Tourist cruises from O Grove

Cruceros Ángel offers different alternatives: Estuary cruises: Trip along the estuary visiting mussel, oyster and scallop breeding farms with seabed views. Approximate duration and calendar: 1 hour 15 minutes. All year round. Trip to Sálvora island: Visit Sálvora island with the Atlantic Islands Land Maritime National Park authorization, accompanied by a guide telling you about the environmental value and biodiversity of estuary on land and at sea. Approximate duration and calendar: 4 hours.  From March to October. Trip to Areoso island: Sailing with destination Areoso island to enjoy its fine sand and crystalline waters. Approximate duration and calendar: 2 hours 30 minutes. From July to September.  
Booking: Cruceros Ángel, S.L.
Caminando por el Mar

Maritime routes from Ribeira

The company offers different maritime routes covering the fishing areas of sailors and shellfish harvesters with visits to hatcheries and different islands. Stories and legends related to Arousa estuary and seafaring work are told.
Booking: Caminando por el Mar
Minicruceros Proba, S.L.

Trips along Arousa estuary

 Visit mussel, scallop and oyster breeding farms: A stop will be made to see the seabeds. Approximate duration and calendar: 1 hour  15 minutes. All year round.  Night-time shellfish feast: Enjoy a shellfish feast on board at night with ‘queimada’ (typical Galician beverage) Approximate duration and calendar: 2 hours 15 minutes. All year round.   
Booking: Minicruceros Proba, S.L.
Costa Viva Cruceros

Tourist cruises along Muros e Noia estuary

 Costa Viva Cruceros offers tourist cruises along Muros e Noia estuary with submarine vision and tastings of typical products of the area. During the trip you visit hatcheries, tide mills, lighthouses, beaches, islands, etc., with a guide on board. 
Booking: Costa Viva Cruceros
Mar de Aguiño

Embark at Mar de Aguiño

Mar de Aguiño has several fully equipped vessels for programmed packages and personalized routes with skipper for all those looking to enjoy alternative vacations.
Booking: Mar de Aguiño
Confraría de pescadores de Lira - Mardelira

Sea routes on board ‘Roncadora’ - Mardelira

Discover the depths of the Marine Reserve of Miñarzos from the perspective of a ‘gancheiro/espelleiro’ (fisherman who catches spider crab with hook or mirror) on board of the motorboat ‘Roncadora’.
Booking: Confraría de pescadores de Lira - Mardelira
Confraría de pescadores de Laxe - Mardelaxe

Guided visit round Laxe harbour and estuary - Mardelaxe

 The complete visit package includes a tour of the harbour and subsequent boat trip along the estuary finishing with a tasting of Galician products.   
Booking: Confraría de pescadores de Laxe - Mardelaxe

Sailing round Cortegada

Leaving Carril, we will embark (a zodiac or kayak) heading for Cortegada, where we will follow a route round the island visiting the largest laurel forest in southern Europe. Afterwards we will take a small trip around the island environment to reach the cockle and clam breeding farms and hatcheries to learn first hand from the shellfish and mussel workers, the breeding processes and tools used.
Booking: Oftefor
Tour Nautic & Fishing, S.C.

Mussel route from Rianxo

We will take a stroll through the black mollusc production to learn first hand the different stages of mollusc fattening or how to build a hatchery and we will make a stop at a hatchery polygon. 
Booking: Tour Nautic & Fishing, S.C.
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