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A sea of culture!

Social and cultural activities, workshops…

Social and cultural activities, workshops, site interpretation centres. All you need to know in order to discern and understand life by the sea.

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Muíño de Mareas do Pozo de Cachón

Pozo de Cachón Tide Mill

From inside the tide mill we can see the milling machinery, with informative panels of the wole set. Other activities are also held in this space like workshops and exhibitions.
Booking: Muíño de Mareas do Pozo de Cachón
Caseta de Pepe do Cuco

Pepe do Cuco’s Hut

This traditional sailors’ cabin holds a small exhibition about the harbour’s history, traditional vessels, fishing gears and shellfish harvesting. It has the only nethouse tha can be visited today in Galicia (the place where the shell is trampled on to obtain the ink for net protecting).
Booking: Caseta de Pepe do Cuco
Castillo de San Carlos  (Museo del Mar)

Fishing Museum – San Carlos Castle

The Fishing Museum is in San Carlos Castle (18th century). It has explanatory panels on fishing in Galicia, whaling, and shipwrecks on Costa da Morte, arrival of the canning industry, traditional vessels, seafaring sayings and superstitions. It offers guided visits for groups explaining the most typical fishing gears and traditional devices. 
Booking: Castillo de San Carlos (Museo del Mar)
Museo do Mar de Rianxo

Rianxo Maritime Museum

 When visiting this museum we will be travelling through the different areas of the life of Rianxo in relation to the sea, tackling the obtaining of sea food, building their boats, means of locomotion, tools used, etc. 
Booking: Museo do Mar de Rianxo
Centro de Interpretación Arqueolóxica de San Roque

Archaeological Interpretation Centre of Periurban Park of San Roque Galicia

This interpretation centre houses two exhibitions: one based on Neolithic archaeology, Bronze Age and Iron Age; and the second about the sea and fishing, lighthouses, traditional vessels, seamen’s houses and fish market among others.
Booking: Centro de Interpretación Arqueolóxica de San Roque
Museo Anfaco da Industria Conserveira

ANFACO Museum about Canning Industry

The museum has material of great historical value that makes possible an interesting trip through the history of the canning industry from its origins and through the history of the business association created by the pioneering canning manufacturers known as Union of Canning Manufacturers ofVigo Estuary.
Booking: Museo Anfaco da Industria Conserveira
Centro de Interpretación Aula-Activa do Mar

Santiago Gallego Picard Active Marine Classroom

The exhibition includes examples of  various gears and apparatus fro shellfish harvesting on foot and afloat, traditional vessel building tools, artisanal fishing vessel models, examples of fishing gears, simulation of a fishing vessel bridge with the different navigation apparatus and projection space like a lighthouse.
Booking: Centro de Interpretación Aula-Activa do Mar "Santiago Gallego Picard"
Centro de Interpretación da Conserva

Canning Industry Interpretation Centre

This centre is located on the premises of the Conservas Goday factory the first canning factory in Galicia. Its aim is to divulge maritime and fishing activities, as well as recovering the history of those who worked in the factory. It has the first automated machines of the period, making Conservas Goday the most modern canning company of its time.
Booking: Centro de Interpretación da Conserva
Centro de Interpretación da Pesca e da Salga - CIPES

Moreiras Saltings

 The today restored building, where the old salting factory was, contains a vast exhibition on the trades derived from fishing and shellfish harvesting. In addition, we can also find at Punta Moreiras seafaring sculptures, open air saltings, ship frame or several parts of old boats. All this in the same area dedicated to seafarers. 
Booking: Centro de Interpretación da Pesca e da Salga - CIPES
Centro de Interpretación da Ría de Arousa - CIRA

Arousa Estuary Interpretation Centre – CIRA

Arousa Estuary Interpretation Centre is complemented by a tourist information point with information on Vilagarcía de Arousa and towns along the Arousa estuary, not only from the tourist point of view but also from the panorama of geography, culture, history and economy of the area.
Booking: Centro de Interpretación da Ría de Arousa - CIRA
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