Installing Turgalicia points of interest in Garmin GPS

1. Garmin GPS and POI Loader

To load points of interest onto a Garmin GPS device, use Garmin POI Loader, the official software of Garmin. Garmin POI Loader functions as a step-by-step wizard in which you select the folder of origin, find the device and load the points file.

Garmin POI Loader is a free application that is available for download on the Garmin official website:

There you will find the POI Loader for download available for the following operating systems:

  • POI Loader for Mac, Version 2.1.0
  • POI Loader for Windows (WinXP, 2003, Vista, 7), Version 2.5.4

If you wish to use it with the Unix/Linux operating system, you will have to install the Windows Wine emulator, or use the GPSBabel application (

Garmin POI Loader and the file format Garmin CSV are used with Garmin GPS devices.

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2. Using Garmin POI Loader

On the Turgalicia website there are points of interest files available to download in Garmin CSV format. The incorporation of points of interest onto Garmin GPS devices is accomplished through the Garmin Poi Loader application, following the procedure described below.

2.1. Loading points of interest

Load the points of interest file onto the GPS device by following the instructions below:

  1. After installing Garmin POI Loader on the computer, run the application by accessing the Home > All programs menu, and then Garmin Poi Loader.

  • On the welcome screen, click on Next to begin loading the Points of interest.
    POI Loader

  • Selecting the destination: To load the points of interest file onto the GPS device, select the Garmin Device option. Previously, the GPS device should have been connected to the PC with the aid of a USB cable. You will have to wait several seconds while the GPS resets. Then, click on Next to move to the next stage.

    POI Loader

  • Selecting the device: The next step is selecting the type of GPS from the drop-down list supplied by the program. If yours does not appear, select the Find Device option to begin a new GPS device detection. We then move to the following stage by clicking on Next.

    POI Loader

  • Options for incorporating the points of interest: On the wizard's next screen, you can select the Install new custom POIs onto your device poption if you want to add the file's points of interest to the points already loaded onto the GPS device.

    POI Loader

  • If you select the Remove all previously installed custom POIs from your device option, the program will eliminate all the points of interest previously loaded onto the device, before incorporating the new points.
    Click on Next to move to the next stage.

  • Selecting load parameters: Clicking the Browse button, you can select the directory where the points of interest files for loading are located. This corresponds to the directory where the files downloaded from the Turgalicia website are located.

  • In unit selection, you can choose between feet and MPH o "meters and KPH".

    To load the POI, you can also choose between two options: Manual and Express. It is advisable to use express mode, because the program itself loads the POI in their location. However, in manual mode you can configure the POI by proximity or velocity.

    POI Loader

    Finally, click Next to complete the process.

  • Loading complete: The wizard's final screen indicates the number of points of interest loaded onto the GPS. This is the final stage in the loading process. Then, click on Finish to finish.

    POI Loader

  • Once the loading process has been completed you can disconnect the GPS device from the PC. You must wait until the device is totally switched off before disconnecting the USB cable.

  • 2.2. Viewing the points of interest

    After loading the points of interest, you can select your own Custom POIspoints of interest on the Garmin GPS device. To do so, access My Locations and then Custom POIs.

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    3. Mechanisms for conversion to other formats with GPSBabel

    3.1 Loading points of interest

    The GPSBabel program allows for the conversion of more than 140 file formats to be able to work with them in different programs for editing and treatment of geographical information and different GPS receiver models.