A distinguishing trait of Galicia's landscape and expressions of popular devotion, cruceiros are placed at crossroads or near chapels, churches and cemeteries. Castelao said that a stone cross is a "pardon from heaven", because according to the great Galician writer, stone crosses are built to obtain forgiveness for a sin. Since in Galicia there are around 12,000 stone crosses, our flaws must be many… But it is also said that the stone crosses protect travellers, so for those who journey through these lands their protection is guaranteed.

The stone cross of Melide is the oldest and dates from the 4th century. The most famous is the one of O Hío (Cangas), ), next to the church of San Andrés. It is a jewel of Baroque art that shows the cycle of humanity from Adam and Eve until the Redemption, with the Descent from the Cross as the main scene. The history of the world portrayed in stone with more than 30 characters. Discover who they are.