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O Courel


O Courel

O Courel is, undoubtedly the green reserve of Galicia...

Ancares - O Courel


Ancares - O Courel

he mountain ranges of Os Ancares and O Courel extend through Lugo, on the border with Asturias and León. They are the largest natural area in Galicia...

O Courel Route...


The sierra do Courel, which is crossed by the River Lor, is an unbelievably beautiful nature site depicted like no one else by local writer Uxío Novoneyra in his poems. Its highest peaks are Formigueiros, Montouto and Pía Paxaro, which are very appropriate for trekking and to enjoy nature in its wildest, most vivid form.

The very abundant, rich plant cover of this area is full of heather and oaks and, in the highest areas, we can see stands of kermes oak and other native trees. Its valleys are surrounded by chestnut tree-covered mountains. In O Courel several devesas (native forests), such as A Rogueira, are also worthy of mention. This is one of the richest and most beautiful botanical reserves in Galicia.
The mountain villages, small communities with slate houses, are full of charm. Several pallozas (traditional huts) can still be visited in this mountain range.
A route through O Courel is a journey through time that allows us to marvel at a Galicia that is fast disappearing.
We must not forget the importance of the chestnut tree when we speak of this natural site. It was an important ingredient in many dishes such as, for example, chestnut broth, chestnuts with bacon or milk with chestnuts. However, not just the fruit but the whole tree was used: the leaves to cover the floor of the animals' pens, the wood, and the flowers to produce honey.

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