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What to see in A Baixa Limia...


A Baixa Limia Route


The route we propose is of low difficulty with the help of a vehicle and includes short journeys on foot. It is suitable for everyone and ideal to do as a family. It takes an estimated three days. The time distribution should just be taken as an example as each person can be vary it according to preferences.

Access to the area (Bande)...

  • Turnoff at Xinzo de Limia on the N-52 to link up with the OU-540, Ourense-Portugal, in Bande.
  • From Ourense, along the OU-540 road towards Celanova and Bande, where the tourist route through A Baixa Limia begins. A new dual carriageway beginning at the A-52 near Ourense and ending after Celanova is to be opened at the end of 2012.
  • From Portugal, we have access through the borders at Portela do Home or through the border at A Magdalena.

Route for Day 1

The route proposed for the first day begins in the town of Bande, principal town of a small municipality in which the "Festa do Peixe" (Fish Festival) is held annually, an unequivocal sign of the richness of the area's rivers.

Do not miss...

Also well-known for its carnivals, in which the masked "troteiro" is the main character, here we can visit the monumental church of San Pedro and the Rector House.

Commencing the route along the OU-540 towards Lobios and Portela do Home, after only a few kilometres we come upon the Roman archaeological site of Aquis Querquennis. Nearby, in the village of Bath, some thermal pools were prepared next to the Conchas Reservoir for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.
Continuing along the OU-540, 10 km from Bande, we find a turnoff to the right that leads to the Visigothic church of Santa Comba de Bande. The route will take us first to the parish church; just a few metres away, we find the walls that surround this important monument in A Baixa Limia.
Continuing along the OU-540 towards A Feira Vella, in the village of Asperelo we come across an unusual stone roofed oven, the only one of its kind to be found in the region, after which we take the turnoff towards Entrimo to visit the Church of Santa María A Real.

After the visit, from the centre of A Terrachá, we follow the road that goes towards Queguas. To the right we will see the Pedreiriño Recreation Area, with beautiful views over the valley. To the left stands a statue to Saint Rosendo, a noble Galician who founded the Convent of Celanova. Further on we will come to a small chapel on the left of the road, dedicated to Santo Cristo (Sacred Christ).

Once in Queguas, we can visit the Ascension shrine, As Cortes da Carballeira and the Dolmen of A Casa da Moura. From the centre of this town we can link up with the trekking route that commences in A Terrachá. From here the route we continue on foot for about four km, taking approximately two hours. The first part, which will take about half of the scheduled time, is particularly interesting as one can visit the shrine.

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