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What to see in O Courel...


O Courel Route...


We propose a route of low difficulty, with the use of a vehicle as back-up and short journeys made on foot. When done by car with two short walks so that we can enjoy a nature-filled landscape that is rugged and full of charm, this route has a low level of difficulty. The time distribution we give below is an estimate, and each person can modify it in accordance with their preferences.

Access to the area...

  • We depart from the city of Lugo via the GC-2.2 and the LU-633 that leads us to Samos after passing through A Pobra de San Xiao and Sarria.
  • From the N-VI highway at Piedrafita, we turn off to the right towards O Cebreiro on the LU-634 road, which takes us from Pedrafita do Cebreiro to Samos.

Route for Day 1

The route through the O Courel mountain range can either begin in Samos or in O Cebreiro, depending on the traveller's preference. Our advice is to leave from Samos, where we will visit the beautiful Samos Monastery, founded in the middle of the Visigothic period by Saint Martiño de Dumio and constructed in different periods with Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque structures. This temple has guest quarters, which comes in very useful to get our strength back by resting in a place filled with peace.

Do not miss...

Ten kilometres from here, heading towards O Cebreiro by the so-called "Camino Francés" (French Route), is the hamlet of Triacastela where we can visit the Church of Santiago de Triacastela. Built in the Romanesque style, it underwent extensive renovations in the 18th century. Eleven miles from Triacastela is Fonfría, and the Parish Church of San Xoán, of special interest. Built in the 16th century, it underwent important subsequent renovations.

Continuing our journey along the LU-633 road, we come to the O Poio hill, a place of great beauty surrounded by forests. From this viewpoint – located 1,337 metres above sea level – one can admire the O Rañadoiro mountains and the valley that lies at their feet. We can also see the monument to pilgrims on San Roque's peak at 1,270 metres above sea level.
If we continue in the same direction, we will come to the hamlet of O Cebreiro which is 23 kilometres from Triacastela. One of the must-see monuments is the Sanctuary of Santa María La Real. This temple was founded by Count Aurillacy in the 9th century, but subsequently has undergone significant renovations.
Another of the places that should be visited in the village is the Ethnographic Museum, located in several pallozas (traditional huts) that preserve their original structure. This town is famous for being the gateway to the French Route in Galicia, for its monuments and landscapes, but also for its cheeses. A fair is held each year in the mountains to celebrate this gastronomic product.

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