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San Pedro de Rocas

San Pedro de Rocas

San Pedro de Rocas is a unique monastery, as it has been carved into rock. Rustic and extremely old – nearly primitive –...


Ribeira Sacra


The geo-destination Ribeira Sacra contains the municipalities of de A Peroxa, A Pobra de Brollón, A Teixeira, Bóveda, Carballedo, Castro Caldelas, Chantada, Esgos, Monforte de Lemos, Montederramo, Nogueira de Ramuín, O Saviñao, Pantón, Parada de Sil, Paradela, Portomarín, Quiroga, Ribas de Sil, Sober, Taboada and Xunqueira de Espadanedo.

Making Ourense and Lugo a single kingdom, the waters of the Rivers Sil and Miño flow and then create a divine environment, the Ribeira Sacra. A place touched by Heaven. Stunning scenery such as the canyons of the River Sil – which are navigable – and landscapes that are home to one of the largest concentrations of churches and monasteries in Europe. Some are as impressive as that of Santo Estevo de Ribas de Sil, built on a hillside and surrounded by lush forests. Or that of Montederramo, of colossal dimensions. Or that of Ferreira de Pantón, inhabited by nuns beginning in the 12th century. Or, excavated from the rock, San Pedro de Rocas, the oldest in Galicia.

And the vineyards. For in this land – fertile and with a suitable microclimate – the monasteries created a wine culture that is more alive today than ever, under the D.O.  Ribeira Sacra. We're talking of vineyards on slopes so steep that their cultivation requires a heroic effort. Thus was born the legendary Amandi, a red wine that for centuries was produced exclusively for the Pope.


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