On this train route we propose a combination of two Designations of Origin regions: O Ribeiro and Rías Baixas.

During the route you’ll have the pleasure of tasting a wine in the Marqués de Vizhoja winery from the wine region of Rias Baixas and you’ll be seduced by the medieval charm of Ribadavia and its castle. In the afternoon you will visit the O Ribeiro Wine Cooperative and learn about its history and its wines, belonging to the O Ribeiro Denomination of Origin region. And you will go to the monastery of San Clodio in Leiro. Later we will visit the pre-Roman fort-hill of San Cibrao de Las where we will be taken back more than twenty centuries in time. The route will end with a visit to Santa Cruz de Arrabaldo railway station, now a museum which houses some interesting collections.

A series of historic characters are featured in this route, shedding light on the shadowy legends and history of these lands


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