"You say: 'Galicia is very small.' And I answer, Galicia is a world…

It may be small in size; but in depth and in substance, it is as big as you make it…"

Vicente Risco (1884-1963), writer

Galicia is about the same size as Belgium, Massachusetts (USA), the Republic of El Salvador, Taiwan or Israel.

Found at Cape Ortegal, this amphibole constitutes an example of the oldest rock to be found in the Iberian peninsula.

It was formed on the ocean bed 1.156 billion years ago.

Located to the south of the Celtic Sea and north of the Mediterranean area, Galicia forged a culture at the crossroads of these two worlds.

Here you will find an ancient Atlantic
kingdom that is home to almost
three million Galicians. 

Most Galician people
live on the coast.

Sixty-six percent of the population live along the undulating and twisted relief of the Baroque coastline.

The Atlantic dictates the rules.
From this ocean come the rains
that keep our countryside evergreen;
into this ocean Galicia's thousand
rivers empty their waters and it is
this ocean that brings the Gulf Stream
to give us our benign climate.