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Ferrolterra contains the northern municipalities of the province of A Coruña. Ares, Mugardos, Cedeira, Ortigueira...




It´s hardened by a thousand battles, It´s a wise mixture of culture, urban elegance and...

Magical sanctuaries

The Journay of the Three Wishes

This route along the jagged northern coastline of the provinces of A Coruña and Lugo leads us through magical sanctuaries that stand where the land meets the sea

Small in size but large in the devotion they are offered, in each of them we will honour the tradition and follow the rituals so that the three wishes that we will be making during our journey along this spectacular route may come true.


  • Starting point: Ferrol
  • Destination: Viveiro
  • Days: 3
  • Km (approx): 120 Km
“Those who do not visit
San Andrés in their lifetime,
Will go there after death
three times”

“The saint who gave you illness
Shall give you health
Through the power of God
And of (dear) Saint Andrew, Amen”
Dates of the religious pilgrimages:
- Santo André de Teixido:
The main religious pilgrimage takes place on 8th September, although throughout the year other popular pilgrimages are also held (Pentecost Friday, Saturday and Sunday, or 24th June).
- Virxe de Chamorro:
Easter Monday.
- San Xiao de Trebo:
7th January.

Route - Day 1

Our itinerary begins in the city of  Ferrol: a walk through the famous Magdalena Quarter will draw us close to the history of this industrial and marine city. During the route, do not forget to look over the balconies of the Herrera gardens, from where you will enjoy an extraordinary view of the Arsenal (dockyards), an amazing military ensemble dating from the 17th century and one of the major engineering works from the period of the Enlightenment. Take the opportunity to enjoy a snack at one of the taverns with sidewalk tables at the port and review the day's itinerary, which will lead you to the most magical places in this corner of northern Galicia.

Our itinerary's first stop takes us up to a high craggy summit where the chapel of Chamorro is located. The popular name of this sanctuary is said to come from the veneration that seamen had towards the Virgin. When they were about to shipwreck they shouted: “Xa morro!” (“I die!” in Galician), while hoping to be saved by their patron saint. Enveloped in this faith and by marine adoration, enter the sanctuary to leave your own burning candle; close your eyes for a moment and make your first wish of this magical route.
We now set off towards the beaches of Covas, towards a small island that is located very close to the coast where the chapel of Santa Comba awaits us. At low tide you can go down to discover the cove that used to access the island. North-facing, it is windy and wild; ideal for strolling at any time of the year. This is a place where, since the 12th century, religious pilgrims pay tribute to the saint and offer their devotion on the last Sunday of July.
The original road to Santo André is marked with the symbol of a fish (symbolising the sardine that the saint ate during his journey) and at the town council of Narón it connects with the other more well known and popular crosscut that begins at the monastery of San Martiño de Xubia, in O Couto, a jewel of the region's Romanesque architecture. Pilgrims travel almost 50 kilometres to the sanctuary of Santo André de Teixido. It is not difficult to imagine how the sound of the wind and the picturesque scenery accompany them along their entire journey but, if you are in good shape, instead of imagining it, go ahead and experience it first hand

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