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A city hardened by a thousand battles, Ferrol is a wise mixture of culture, urban elegance and military power.

To enter the atmosphere take a walk around the Magdalena quarter, trazado exactamente como una tableta de chocolate siguiendo el racionalismo de la Ilustración, y con maravillosos modernist buildings such as the Jofre theatre.

If you are into naval history, visit the San Felipe castle, lthe fortresses and particularly the Dockyards (Arsenal). Built in the 18th century under the influence of the Enlightenment, the Dockyards are a set of hydraulic works and buildings that are unique in Europe and which include the Naval Museum, a must see that is also very entertaining.

But Ferrol has other surprises in store, such as its  Holy Week, Galicia's oldest and most spectacular… And a taste for good food which can be seen in its markets, bakeries and cafés.

In the words of Napoleon: "A toast to the brave people of Ferrol!"

  • The Arsenal

    The Arsenal

    Designed by the architect Julián Sánchez Bort. An eighteenth century building with different elements: a porched doorway, Training Barracks, the Sino Port, Ferrerías building and the Porta do Dique or gateway to the port.

  • Fortress of San Xoán

    Fortress of San Xoán

    Eighteenth century structure that formed part of the old defensive wall around the city, offering wide panoramic views.

  • Chapel of Nosa Señora das Angustias

    Chapel of Nosa Señora das Angustias

    Dating from the seventeenth century.

  • Chapel of Nosa Señora das Dores

    Chapel of Nosa Señora das Dores

    Eighteenth-century building, with architecture between the Baroque and Classicist styles.

  • Banco Simeón Building

    Banco Simeón Building

    In Modernist style, built by the architect R. Ucha

  • Casa do Patín

    Casa do Patín

    Traditional eighteenth century structure in fine materials. Recently restored, and now contains the University library.

  • Castle of San Felipe

    Castle of San Felipe

    Fortress situated at the mouth of the ría (estuary). Offers fine views over the estuary and the city. Originally built in the sixteenth century, although the current structure dates from the eighteenth century.

  • Pro-Cathedral of San Xiao

    Pro-Cathedral of San Xiao

    A neoclassic structure in the shape of a Greek cross dating from the second half of the eighteenth century, designed by Julián Sánchez Bort. Contains interesting carvings, paintings and architecture.

  • Hotel Suizo

    Hotel Suizo

    Modernist building constructed in 1913, by the architect R. Ucha.

  • Church of San Francisco

    Church of San Francisco

    Rebuilt in the eighteenth century over a previously existing mediaeval structure. Features truncated towers and a neoclassic altarpiece by Xosé Ferreiro.

  • Church of Nosa Señora do Perpetuo Socorro

    Church of Nosa Señora do Perpetuo Socorro

    Built in the eighteenth century, with very simple neoclassic architecture.

  • Church of O Carme

    Church of O Carme

    Built in 'Eclectic' style, with a single rectangular nave, and a panelled ceiling. It has two sets of twin towers, each in four volumes.

  • Ucha Market

    Ucha Market

    Also known as A Pescadería (the fish market), it is a rectangular pavilion with modernist features on its two façades, covered with zinc sheeting and metallic structures. Designed by the architect R. Ucha, work started in 1910 and was completed in 1923.

  • Former military government building – Caixa Galicia Foundation

    Former military government building – Caixa Galicia Foundation

    Building dating from the early nineteenth century with a main façade in classic style, with symmetrical panelling, carved Doric columns and a semicircular pediment.

  • Jofre Theatre

    Jofre Theatre

    In Eclectic style, built in 1871 by Faustino Coumes-Gay, considered as one of the finest theatre buildings from the nineteenth century.

  • Herrera Gardens

    Herrera Gardens

    Excellent lookout point from within the city over the estuary, the arsenal and military docks.

  • University


    The university campus is located in the former Navy Hospital, built in the eighteenth century.

Do not miss...


One experience visitors should not miss is to visit the Castle of San Felipe, which transports us back to the past with a vision of the importance of the military presence in the construction and development of the city.

  • Castle of San Felipe

It is a fortress built outside the city on the coast, at the mouth of the ría or estuary. It offers beautiful and strategic views of the city, and a sweeping panorama of the estuary.

Its origins date back to 1589, when the city was visited by the monarch Felipe II and his military engineers. In 1732, under the direction of La Ferrière, the fortress was extended, with work finishing in 1775.





Ferrolterra contains the northern municipalities of the province of A Coruña. Ares, Mugardos, Cedeira, Ortigueira...


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