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Woods of Galicia

Manzaneda - Trevinca

Yes, this is where the woods of Galicia touch the sky.

The Manzaneda Ski Station and Pena Trevinca, the tallest mountain in Galicia (2127 metres) are well-known, but their charm increases when you discover their leafy, deep and hidden forests.

We propose three very different walking routes that offer you the best of this landscape: the Reboleiras do Navea (San Xoán de Río), a calming route on which you may just stumble upon a Celtic druid or two; the Souto de Rozabales (Manzaneda), where you will walk among centuries-old chestnut trees; and Teixadal de Casaio (Carballeda de Valdeorras), the immortal, almost inaccessible forest that never fails to impress visitors. For the last of these we do recommend that you always take an expert guide with you! Where shall we begin? 

Reboleiras do Navea

The deep woods

The River Navea cuts deep between the mountains. The steep sides of the valley are populated with a thick rebollo oak forest. These trees are members of the oak family, and tend to be found living alongside them. All this natural landscape, chiselled by water, has been recognized with the environmental declaration of Protected Landscape, a fact that underlines its beauty and invites us to explore the area.

This is an easy path to follow, winding among oak trees, gall oaks and chestnut trees in the vast woodlands of San Xoán de Río. These are the true woods of Galicia, the woods of the Celtic druids. The ancestral woodland welcomes us on our pleasant, comfortable walk.

  • Reboleiras do Navea - Pobra de Trives

  • Reboleiras do Navea - Pobra de Trives

  • Bridge over River Navea - San Xoan de Río

  • Bridge over River Navea - San Xoan de Río

  • Route profile

  • Route map

Reboleiras do Navea Route
Starting pointRoute typeKmEstimated time requiredTerrain difficultyOrientation difficulty
Mouruás (San Xoan do Río)Circular6,82 h 30 min.LowMedium
PROFILE: Occasional walkers

Near the first houses of the village of Mouruás in San Xoan do Río you will find a signpost that indicates the start of the route: “A Fraga” (“Woodlands”). From this point on, you will find the woodlands that cling to the steep slopes of the valley of the River Navea.

The views over the river valley will also capture your attention.

Splashes of colour blend in with the strong outlines of the trees. There is a network of tracks and paths that will take you through this area with useful signs that will help you continue on your journey.

The route that we recommend continues on these paths, which will lead you first of all to San Xoan del Río-Fondevila. We recommend that you visit the aula de naturaleza or “nature classroom” here, which is extremely helpful and will guide you with more information on the route, ensuring that you don't miss out on anything! From there you can enter the woods, exploring areas dominated by chestnut trees, other areas of the typical mixed woodland and the tree formations that give this place its name: reboleiras (chestnut groves).

You will follow a gentle, very beautiful trail that will immerse you in unique, evocative woodland which also offers the chance to explore longer routes through the woods and river valley.

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