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In A Costa da Morte...


Marine tourism...

Costa da Morte

From its coast the world's best seafood is extracted. The strange name of this wild landscape is based on the many shipwrecks and disasters it has caused. Let us underline towns such as Malpica, Muxía, Camariñas or Fisterra, where, according to the romans, the known world ended.

  • Illas Sisargas Lighthouse

    Illas Sisargas Lighthouse

    The lighthouse stands on high ground on Isla Grande, next to the old lighthouse and the Sirena Sailor's House. It began operations on the night of the 29th of June 1853...

  • Punta Nariga Lighthouse

    Punta Nariga Lighthouse

    Situated in the village of Barizo, this was the last lighthouse built in Spain. Designed by the architect César Portela...

  • Corme village

    Corme village

    The fishing village of Corme offers visitors that special charm of centuries of history lived in intimate communion with the sea. Corme, with its narrow streets and brightly coloured houses, perfectly exemplifies the character of the Costa da Morte...

  • Punta Roncudo Lighthouse

    Punta Roncudo Lighthouse

    Located a small distance from the population centre is Cape O Roncudo. It takes its name from the roaring sound of the waves as they crash against the rocks...

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Caseta de Pepe do Cuco

Pepe do Cuco’s Hut

This traditional sailors’ cabin holds a small exhibition about the harbour’s history, traditional vessels, fishing gears and shellfish harvesting. It has the only nethouse tha can be visited today in Galicia (the place where the shell is trampled on to obtain the ink for net protecting).
Booking: Caseta de Pepe do Cuco
Castillo de San Carlos  (Museo del Mar)

Fishing Museum – San Carlos Castle

The Fishing Museum is in San Carlos Castle (18th century). It has explanatory panels on fishing in Galicia, whaling, and shipwrecks on Costa da Morte, arrival of the canning industry, traditional vessels, seafaring sayings and superstitions. It offers guided visits for groups explaining the most typical fishing gears and traditional devices. 
Booking: Castillo de San Carlos (Museo del Mar)
Cruceros Fisterra.com

Cruise at the end of the world

 Daytime route: Enroll on a real adventure. Cabo Fisterra, with its 3 km of land penetrates into the sea and from the vessel we can appreciate the greatness of its environment. Feel the magic of the place like the pilgrims of the Middle Ages, who did not consider their journey done till reaching  Finis Terrae. Continue sailing to Lobeira island whose lighthouse still functions with the primitive technique of an acetylene lantern, the beaches of Langosteira and Estorde, Fisterra lighthouse and legendary castles of Corcubión and Ameixenda. Evening route: We embark in Fisterra with views of Langosteira and Serra beaches. Rounding the rocky coast with its small coves we reach the beach of Sardiñeiro. Just then the sun sinks behind the mountains and the day seems to have ended. The boat continues its route along the beach of Estorde, until you can make out in the distance Corcubión and Cee, pointing prow towards Fisterra lighthouse. Suddenly the sun appears staining the sky red the boat siren sounds in the middle of the ocean greeting the pilgrims observing the phenomenon from the lighthouse. 
Booking: Cruceros Fisterra.com
Centro de Interpretación dos Naufraxios, Faros e Sinais Marítimos da Costa da Morte

Costa da Morte Interpretation Centre of Shipwrecks, Lighthouse and Maritime Signals

Located on one of the main capes of the Galician coast, the Vilán cape lighthouse offers information on Costa da Morte maritime signals and lighthouses via videos, real pieces, photographs and panels with viewers and simulation of a trip inside the lighthouse tower.
Booking: Centro de Interpretación dos Naufraxios, Faros e Sinais Marítimos da Costa da Morte
Museo Urbano Lugris

Urbano Lugrís Museum

Located at Malpica Fisherman’s House it exhibits murals by the painter Urbano Lugrís representing marine scenes and images. The monument to the whaling ships in the entrance stands out.
Booking: Museo Urbano Lugris
Museo do Alemán de Camelle

The German of Camelle Museum

 This space on the coast converted into an original open air museum by a peculiar German called Man, who arrived in Camelle over 30 years ago. In Camelle he created his lonely Eden of fantasy, the place which gave him the inner peace he sought and where he gives life to his work. 
Booking: Museo do Alemán de Camelle
Asociación profesional de redeiras O Fieital

O Fieital Netmakers

The netmakers will teach us how to make, assemble and repair fishing gears like purse seine, longline and other minor fishing gears. You can have guided visits through dock installations divided into two areas: northern dock where the fish market and ice factory are; and the southern dock with the net warehouse and sailors’ cabins are. You will also learn how to make bracelets and necklaces of thread.
Booking: Asociación profesional de redeiras O Fieital
Confraría de pescadores

Fisterra - "Pescando onde o solpor". Visit to the fish market.

 The guild offers us a visit to the Fisterra tourist fish market to see the catches of the day and experience the bidding for fish.
Booking: Confraría de pescadores "Nuestra Señora de las Arenas" de Fisterra
Confraría de pescadores

Fisterra - "Pescando onde o solpor". Guided visit through Fisterra

 The guild offers guided routes from the Fishing Museum to the fish market, with visits to the shipowners’ cabins or the dock among others. 
Booking: Confraría de pescadores "Nuestra Señora de las Arenas" de Fisterra
Confraría de pescadores

Fisterra- "Pescando onde o solpor". Visit to the Fishing Museum

 Visit the Fishing Museum at San Carlos Castle. In the museum we do a tour of the fishing world in Galicia up to the present day. We discover the importance of this activity in the development of Galician coastal towns and villages, as well as learning to see and appreciate the rich cultural and ethnographic heritage generated around the exploitation of our coast’s marine resources. 
Booking: Confraría de pescadores "Nuestra Señora de las Arenas" de Fisterra
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