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Estuary "Ría de Corme e Laxe"

This is where one of Galicia's treasures is hidden, fiercely guarded by the sea. In Punta do Roncudo, in the cliffs battered by harsh waves, grow the best barnacles in the world. But here the white crosses that surround the lighthouse are also a memorial to the "percebeiros" (barnacle gatherers) who lost their lives at its foot. In the middle of the Costa da Morte the sea gives some respite and becomes the estuaries of Corme and Laxe.
In Corme there are fishermen's houses painted lively colours and, nearby, the mysterious Pedra da Serpe (Serpent Rock). Laxe, with a noble past, has a splendid beach measuring 1,400 metres right in its centre. In the port stands the  church of Santa María da Atalaia, dating from the 15th century, with a fortified atrium.
And to relax, the  beaches of Balarés and Soesto, the latter at the mouth of the estuary. At the bottom of the estuary the sea swallows the Anllóns, leaving an estuary with an inlet that measures more than 2 kilometers, a paradise for divers, geese, herons and shelduck.
This is where Ponteceso, is located, birthplace to the poet Pondal, who wrote the lyrics to the hymn of Galicia.


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Cabo Fisterra


Cabo Fisterra

The "finisterrae". Why would someone want to go to the end of the world?

Costa da Morte


Costa da Morte

Here was the end of the world, the 'Finis Terrae' of the Romans. Specifically, Cabo Fisterra, a fascinating place...


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