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Historic Center of Santiago


Historic ensemble of urban areas declared as such. Declared on the 9th of March of 1940. Extended on the 30th of April of 1976.

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in December 1985.

  • Rúa das Hortas

    Rúa das Hortas

  • Centro Galego de Arte Contemporáneo

    Centro Galego de Arte Contemporáneo

  • Parador dos Reis Católicos

    Parador dos Reis Católicos

  • Praza da Quintana

    Praza da Quintana

  • Auditorio de Galicia

    Auditorio de Galicia

  • Praza do Obradoiro

    Praza do Obradoiro

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Nowadays, when the traveller, pilgrim or tourist arrives in Compostela and looks up to the sight before them of the Obradoiro facade, they can only exclaim, “It’s been worth it”. Such a simple sentence has never meant so much. The city of Santiago possesses an unparalleled series of monuments. Its monasteries, churches, palaces, old streets and typical popular constructions, combined with its spiritual and cultural significance, have given it its deserved inclusion in the list of World Heritage Cities.

The history of Santiago began on the 25th of July, 813, when the Bishop of Iria, Teodomiro, confirmed the discovery of the sepulchre of the Apostle Saint James in the village of  San Fiz de Solovio, which would end up becoming the city of Compostela. News of the discovery spread quickly across the whole of the Christian world, threatened at that time by the Islamic invasions. A grand basilica was built over the Apostle’s sepulchre, and a continual coming and going of travellers and pilgrims was established between Santiago and the rest of Europe. Faith, culture, trade and politics converged along the Road. Santiago de Compostela and its Road became the “Root and Foundation of Europe”.

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