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Bono Iacobus...

The Bono Iacobus is a touristic service specifically designed for the St. James´ Way.

Bono Iacobus
Santiago de Compostela


Santiago de Compostela

World Heritage Site since 1985...

The Way of Saint James

The Way of Saint James on horseback

The most known jacobean route, European Cultural Route and Cultural Heritage of Humanity, gives us an exciting experience of riding a horse for a week. From the village of O Cebreiro, of a prehistoric origin, we will pass throuth many places which will show us their most precious treasures.

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  • Starting point: O Cebreiro
  • Final point:Santiago de Compostela
  • Journeys: 8
We propose you a trip to share an exciting week, in group, by doing the French Way of Galicia on horseback. This one thousand-year-old route is the best known of the Way of Saint James.

It is a World Heritage and the First European Cultural Route. In 2004 it was awarded with the Prince of Asturias Prize for Concord. Our journey starts in O Cebreiro.

More information...
-Ethnographic museum of O Cebreiro. Teléfono: 982 369 025.
-Monastery of San Xulián de Samos. www.abadiadesamos.com
-Consello Regulador da D.O.P. Arzúa-Ulloa. www.arzua-ulloa.org
-Office for Pilgrims (Santiago). www.oficinadelperegrino.org
-Cathedral of Santiago. www.catedraldesantiago.es

Route - Day 1

Meeting the participants and transfer to O Cebreiro



Experts evaluate our experience as riders

Organised horseback-riding trips are a good and original option for you to enjoy the French Route, the most wellknown of the pilgrimage routes to Santiago. We will leave the logistics required for taking care of the animals to the experts. They will also be responsible for providing a guide, all the necessary material and assistance along the way, accommodation, meals, transfers to the starting point and back to our destinations, support vehicles and luggage carrier necessary during the stages.

The pilgrimage lasts seven days and includes six overnight stays. It is distributed in five horseback-riding stages lasting between six and seven hours each day. Visits to places of interest along The Way, or of historical, artistic, architectural or landscape significance are included. The horses can be Spanish, English or Arab breed, of a gentler or more spirited nature, depending on our preference and depending on our experience as riders, which will be evaluated by the experts.

In O Cebreiro we visit the typical pallozas

In the afternoon we reach O Cebreiro, a hamlet of prehistoric origin at an altitude of 1,300 meters between the mountain ranges of Os Ancares and O Courel, declared National Historic-artistic site. We will have time to explore this magical and ancient fairy tale-like village that is nestled in the middle of the mountains.
Here the pallozas pallozas, (traditional mountain dwellings) are preserved, living examples of man’s adaptation to the environment. Their thick thatched roofs can bear the weight of snow and the force of the mountain wind. And their low stone walls have small windows and the necessary doors to provide service to animals and people, who in the past all lived in under the same roof. One of them houses the Ethnographic Museum, which we can visit to see how people lived here for centuries and until quite recently. Others have been renovated and turned into charming inns for pilgrims to stay.

A reliquary donated by the Catholic Monarchs

During the tour we can also visit the Santa María A Real. Inside, it is the chapel of the Holy Miracle. A glass cabinet holds the “Holy Grial”, the chalice and paten, both Romanesque jewels, which are believed to have performed the Eucharistic miracle of the conversion of the consecrated bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ. You will also see a reliquary donated by the Catholic Monarchs in which to keep the relics.
For dinner we recommend that you taste the local gastronomy, based on local products, both farmhouse poultry as sausages. For dessert tasting the traditional cheese of O Cebreiro, with Denomination of Origin, accompanied by honey from the area is a must.

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