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Rías Baixas


Rías Baixas

Paradise could be here. From Monte Louro in Muros to the mouth of the River Miño...

Atlantic Islands National Park

Atlantic Islands National Park

You can find the best beach in the world. And it's not because we say so ourselves, but The Guardian newspaper...

Strolling Through Vineyards

Cambados, the cradle of Albariño wine

The seafaring town of Cambados – sanctuary of seafood and Albariño wine – offers a tour of its wineries, its museums dedicated to wine and its historical pazos.


  • Starting point: Cambados
  • Destination: Cambados
  • Days: 3
Cambados offers a unique wine tourism experience. Albariño wine – which captivates the palate of expert sommeliers – is joined to its rich variety of fish and seafood. In its streets, the monumental nature of its pazos and its stately manor houses of Galician aristocracy and nobility intensifies the delightful nature of this seafaring village.
More information...
-Cambados state-owned hotel. Teléfono: 986 542 250
-Museo Etnográfico e do Viño. Teléfono: 986 526 119
-Pazo de Fefiñáns winery. www.fefinanes.com

Route - Day 1

Cambados, a seafaring village of monuments


  • Vineyards in Cambados

    Vineyards in Cambados

  • Shellfish


  • Seafaring village of Cambados

    Seafaring village of Cambados

We’ll arrive at  Cambados at dusk. If we decide to stay in a building of historical importance that is also a monument, the old Pazo de Bazán, a state-owned hotel, located right in the centre, is eminently suitable. The ancestors of the writer Emilia Pardo Bazán had it built in the seventeenth century. At one time, General De Gaulle stayed within its walls.

The wine festival

The state-owned hotel is accessible via Rúa Príncipe, crossing the Paseo da Calzada, a lovely tree-lined avenue of poplars and black poplars that becomes a scintillating throng thanks to the Festa do Viño Albariño, an official Tourist Event. During that week, there’s an invasion of dozens of stands set up by the area’s best wineries, which offer their Albariño wines at affordable prices.

The sea and its delicacies

We cross the tree-lined avenue and reach the Boardwalk. Following a line of palms and green spaces, we can skirt a section of the coast or enter the marina. In both cases, we’ll have the islands of A Toxa and Arousa and the peninsula of O Grove right in front of us. In the sea, hundreds of shellfish rafts – floating platforms for cultivating mussels, oysters and scallops.

We have before us one of the planet’s largest deposits of phytoplankton. With good reason, it is said of the estuaries – and in particular the one in Cambados – that they are the sanctuary of shellfish, in addition to that of the Albariño wine. All the hotels, restaurants and tapas bars in the village offer a selection of excellent quality products on their menus. We’ll see how true this is when we sit down to dinner.



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