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  • Fragas do Eume
    Fragas do Eume

    The dream forest...

  • Fragas do Eume
    Fragas do Eume

    The dream forest...

  • Fragas do Eume
    Fragas do Eume

    The dream forest...

  • Fragas do Eume
    Fragas do Eume

    The dream forest...

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Natural Park Fragas do Eume

Not to be Missed

The Park has four access gates, with no connection between them. The most visited is that which leads to the monastery of Caaveiro. Because of the sloping hillsides this entrance is only possible by following the course of the river through the fishing reserve of Ombre, ten kilometres from Pontedeume. The routes start from the fishermen’s hut of Cal Grande and go through the forest.

There are restrictions on vehicles at weekends, but there is public transport to the bridge of A Figueira, the closest to the monastery. From this point it takes about fifteen minutes on foot to climb up to the recently restored Benedictine monastery of San Xoán de Caaveiro, a complete monument of Romanesque art, in the heart of the countryside and with panoramic views of the luxuriant forests and the sky. Entry is free with guided visits at approximately 45-minute intervals. This is no problem during the weekends, public holidays and the high season. If you plan to visit the monastery out of these dates, ask for information. Opening hours change according to the season.
Having climbed the mountain, and visited the monastery, the path can be continued downwards for a short distance to the murmur of the Sesín, which drains into the Eume, below the monastery. The churning of its pools and its green springs filtered by moss are well worth admiring. The Sesín itself can be approached upstream by another, different route. From the road going from Cabanas to As Pontes de García Rodríguez, take the turnoff in As Neves which leads to Gunxel, where the Sesín mills are located, and then continue on towards the old hydroelectric station of Ventureira. The track gets narrower here on the numerous curves of the tree-covered hills of this route which connects, on the left bank, with the Rebordelo (Monfero) road.
The dam of the Eume can be reached via the same Cabanas-As Pontes road, and taking the Goente turnoff. It is an outstanding lookout point over the falling water which in winter becomes a veritable waterfall owing to the design of the flood gate. All this between vertical, bare granite walls but without the landscape losing at any time the charm of its richness.
On the left bank we would recommend a visit to the monastery of Monfero with its baroque façade chequered with slate chips. Afterwards we can go deeper into the Park where the river Frei Bermuz feeds into the tail of the Eume dam amidst luxuriant vegetation.

The Sotavento Experimental Wind Farm is located on the top of the Serra da Loba, between Monfero and Xermade. It is dedicated to providing information on renewable energies, with all kinds of activities and guided visits, and also lends out bicycles.



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