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Sargadelos Historic/Artistic Complex

Sargadelos Historic/Artistic Complex

Among the highlights of the artistic heritage of the Mariña in Lugo are the Sargadelos Historic/Artistic Complex, which include the remains of the old foundry and pottery factory...


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Mariña Lucense


The Mariña in Lugo is intrinsically linked to that of Marshal Pardo de Cela. Places such as the O Pasatempo Bridge, the Castle of A Frouxeira, the Fortress do Ouro in Alfoz, as well as the village of Mondoñedo are part of the route we would travel in search of traces of this figure, who came to us in a way that is almost legendary. The Marquis of Sargadelos was also a leading figure in the lands in the north of the province of Lugo.

Pilgrims heading to Compostela cross the lands of the Mariña as they travel the Northern Way. In their journey they discover gems such as the Os Muíños distric and the expressive Cathedral in Mondoñedo. Also located in the Mariña is the Church of San Martiño de Mondoñedo, the oldest preserved cathedral in Spain along with important monasteries such as the Convent of San Salvador de Lourenzá.

The tower of the Castle de Pardo de Cela in Alfoz, the torre de Os Moreno in Ribadeo and the puerta de Carlos V in Viveiro are very significant local monuments along with valuable ethnographic elements that have been preserved such as the O Bogo ironworks in A Pontenova. Historical remains such as the dolmen of Sao Tome in O Valadouro or the Celtic castro settlements of Illade, Sumoas and Coto de Vela in Xove, make up a wide range of attractions that will make a visit to the Mariña in Lugo an unforgettable trip.

From among the offer of exhibitions and music in the Mariña in Lugo, those worthy of mentione include the Museo Histórico de Sargadelos in Cervo, the Barco Museo-Boniteiro "Reina del Carmen" in Burela, the Museo do Mar in San Cibrao and the Museo de Arte Sacra in Vilanova de Lourenzá.


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