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Sargadelos Historic/Artistic Complex

Sargadelos Historic/Artistic Complex

Among the highlights of the artistic heritage of the Mariña in Lugo are the Sargadelos Historic/Artistic Complex, which include the remains of the old foundry and pottery factory...


Mariña Lucense


The geo-destination, Mariña Lucense, contains the munipalities: Alfoz, Barreiros, Burela, Cervo, Foz, Lourenzá, Mondoñedo, Ourol, A Pontenova, Ribadeo, Trabada, O Valadouro, O Vicedo, Viveiro and Xove.

Sea and mountains, rivers and estuaries, meadows and beaches.

In the Mariña of Lugo, forests merge with the sea. It is the green Galicia that overlooks the Bay of Biscay. About 100 kilometres of coastline dotted with natural wonders. From the secluded landscape of the estuary of O Barqueiro to the grandeur of the beach of As Catedrais, a natural monument carved out by the sea with a supernatural dimension. From the Sor River estuary – a paradise for fish and waterfowl – to the Eo estuary, a Biosphere Reserve. In addition, Foz, Viveiro and Ribadeo, ports that retain the mark of a noble past. In Cervo, Sargadelos, one of the most emblematic ceramics of Galicia.

And in the Mariña of Lugo inland, two hidden treasures. One is the Serra do Xistral, dark and mysterious, land of bogs and wild horses. The other is Mondoñedo, on the Way of St. James (the Northern Way), former episcopal see with a beautiful 13th-century cathedral.


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