Marine tourism


In Galicia the sea outlines a unique landscape along its 1,200 kilometres of coastline. The beauty of its rias, or estuaries, together with its unique cultural heritage is linked to the fascinating world of the sea and fishing, and a rich gastronomy based on the delicacies that the ocean provides.

Seaside tourism provides visitors with once-in-a-lifetime experiences and a collection of intense sensations.

We will be accompanying professional seamen on a fishing day and then cook our own catches; we will go up to one of the thousands of shellfish beds where the best mussels in the world are produced. We will discover how cockles, clams or razor clams are gathered on the beach, following the expert advice of women shellfish gatherers. We will witness the boldness of the barnacle gatherers as they risk their life defying the ferocity of the waves as they break on the rocks. We will participate in the bustle of an auction and get to know the special and animated auction system for the various products. We will stroll along beaches that are practically untouched. And we will taste fresh fish and seafood right by the port, while we feel and smell the sea breeze.

We offer you an exciting tourism experience: discover Galicia through its sea, enjoying the narrations of its protagonists.

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