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Manzaneda - Ourense

42º 18' 34.7" N - 7º 14' 43.0" W


A thousand autumns
Even at the time of the discovery of America it seems that some of the chestnut trees in Rozavales, in the municipality of San Martiño de Arriba (Manzaneda) were well over a hundred years old. Outstanding among them is the chestnut tree of Pumbariños, whose perimeter reaches 12.15 metres.
This is a grafted tree, like the majority of its venerable companions. We are faced with a natural species of artificial origin, which was exploited through the ages in balance with nature. Pumbariños continues to give its succulent harvest every autumn, exactly as it did when the chestnut was of such importance in the daily diet, before the arrival of the potato from the new continent.
The chestnut grove is an extremely valuable ecosystem, not just for the exploitation of its wood and chestnuts by humans. At the foot of the trees benches have been placed so that visitors can sit and appreciate it as a work of art and also be with it as the seasons change. With patience and care we can observe the great variety of wild birds which depend on the chestnut grove.


From A Pobra de Trives, on the Ourense-A Rúa OU-536 road, local turnoff towards the village of Rozavales in the direction of Manzaneda


In the region of As Terras of Trives, Manzaneda municipality (Ourense).


1.80 hectares.


Accommodation and food in Manzaneda and A Pobra de Trives.

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