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Rías Baixas


Rías Baixas

Paradise could be here. From Monte Louro in Muros to the mouth of the River Miño...

Atlantic Islands National Park

Atlantic Islands National Park

You can find the best beach in the world. And it's not because we say so ourselves, but The Guardian newspaper...

Strolling Through Vineyards

Sea and wine in O Rosal

In this experience, we’ll confirm the benefits of thalassotherapy, eat next to the sea and get to know a Roman-Galician Iron Age settlement.


  • Starting point: Oia
  • Destination: Oia
  • Days: 3
We suggest exploring the art of winemaking in O Rosal Valley. The vineyards are set into places of great beauty, in a nature pampered by the mildness of the climate and the influence of sea and river. It is also here where the Atlantic receives the River Miño and where this links us to neighbouring Portugal.

Its frontier character gives it a mysterious air with landscapes that hide prehistoric villages such as Mount Santa Tegra. This proposal invites you to get to know some of O Rosal’s most iconic wineries, but don’t forget to take into consideration some of the many possibilities offered by this subzone and visit the facilities of some of the other Rías Baixas Designation of Origin brands of wine.

More information...
-Terras Gauda Wineries. www.terrasgauda.com
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Route - Day 1

In Oia, from the thalassotherapy hotel to the monastery



Our destination is Oia, a municipality in the region of the Baixo Miño, where the O Rosal Valley is located. We’ll reach it via the PO-552 on the coast. Its hotel offerings includes a thalassotherapy hotel, where we can stay if we’re in the mood to pair wine and sea, a formula already tested successfully in these parts.

We recommend arriving at the hotel in the early hours of the afternoon in order to take advantage of the micromineral properties of the seawater in the thalassotherapy hotel’s thermal springs leisure areas. You can also arrange an excursion, a laidback tour of the surroundings or do a fun activity. One good option is to take the short trip to the Monastery of Santa María de Oia, just a few minutes by car from the hotel. While we are admiring its monumental nature and its location at the edge of the sea, we’ll find the place where the story of O Rosal wine all began. The Cistercian monks who have been living here since the twelfth century are credited with the fine art of cultivating the vine on these lands.

The route of the A Pedreira petroglyphs

After your visit, we suggest an outing following the route of the A Pedreira petroglyphs, petroglyphs at the A Riña viewpoint. From here we’re able to observe excellent panoramic view over the cove and the monastery in Oia. The trail is signposted so that you can follow and identify this ensemble of enigmatic prehistoric petroglyphs drawn using easily discernable lines and bowl shapes.

For dinner, the fruits of the sea, mushrooms or lamb

Back in Oia, we can enjoy dinner in the hotel or opt for the food on offer at local bars and restaurants. Their menus feature barnacle, octopus, crab and sea urchin. They also include recipes made with mountain-grown mushrooms – in season – and different kinds of algae. In addition, the cheeses and sausages from Torroña and the lamb from Santa Comba enjoy well-deserved fame in the area.


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