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River Toxa Waterfall and Monastery of Carboeiro

River Toxa Waterfall and Monastery of Carboeiro

The River Toxa features a nearly vertical twenty-five-metre Waterfall, carving the rock in the midst of a vast forest of oaks


Deza - Tabeirós


The geo-destination, Deza - Tabeirós, contains the municipalities: A Estrada, Agolada, Cerdedo, Dozón, Forcarei, Lalín, Rodeiro, Silleda and Vila de Cruces.

This is the heart of Galicia. And here in the depths of a beautiful forest of pine, oak and chestnut trees, hides "A Fervenza do Toxa" a fabulous, hypnotic waterfall over 30 metres high. The water falls between rocks so hard that when it hits the granite, it goes back up, giving the feeling that it is "raining upwards". And the sound of water merges with that of the birds in a melody.

It's the magic of Galicia. Hidden forests that are exactly as they were centuries ago. A storybook landscape like the one surrounding the Monastery of Carboeiro, founded in the 10th century.

We are in the valley of the River Deza, the geographic centre of Galicia, and Lalín is its capital, famous for its massive "Festa do Cocido".  Close to A Estrada is one of Galicia's emblematic manor houses. This is the Pazo de Oca, "the Galician Versailles," with its romantic gardens, fountains and camellia-dotted paths.


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