Camelias de Rosalía: each one is a poem...

Camellias are like lines of verse. The Camellias at the house of the famous Galician poetess Rosalía de Castro, dwell in a small but cheerfully romantic garden, part daydream and part vegetable garden, an irresistible stimulus for poetic creation.

And like the opening lines of a poem, they welcome the visitor on his arrival, and accompany him at each stage of his visit to this incredibly lyrical spot.

Following a twisty path, one enters into a tunnel of greenness which finally leads to a stone table, shaded by a grapevine. Some camellias are no more than buds. What’s more, they are shaped like almond shells, as though they harbour some secret, could it be a poem?

Others perch on the tops of box hedges, as imperturbable as though they had never known any other home. Petite and perfect, like the poppies worn in the lapel in much of Europe on the 11th of November to celebrate Armistice Day. Under the gaze of the prosaic fig trees, other camellias luxuriate everywhere throughout the garden, enveloped in the fragrance of nearby roses and the aroma of orange and lemon trees, like lines of verse.

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