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Ribeira Sacra Private Tour - 1 Day

The Ribeira Sacra region is one of the best kept secrets of Spain. It is a peaceful region, with secluded monasteries surrounded by enchanted forests that could easily belong to a fairy tale. Its cliffs form a stunning view, which becomes even more impressive when you see that in many of those cliffs the locals grow and harvest wine grapes; being such a risky business in this area that it has its own term: la viticultura heroica (the heroic viticulture). Enjoy our Ribeira Sacra Tour.

Full program

A tour around a magic place with so much history, visible through its ancient monasteries that were built there in search of a secluded and peaceful environment; perfect for those that need to get away from the noisy city lifestyle. The Ribeira Sacra South tour stops at the best viewpoints above the Sil Canyon, and includes a boat trip to enjoy the magnificence of the Canyon from all angles. And last but not least, a visit to a local winery to taste some of the best wines of the Ribeira Sacra Appellation of origin.

With Verdant Experiences you will enjoy a tour just for you and the people you want to accompany you, without hurry or stress.

The pick-up will be at the agreed location and time. By default the departures are made from Ourense city. A person will accompany you throughout the trip, assisting you in everything you might need. For departures from other cities, it is necessary to contact us.

Approximate duration

  • Total: 10 hours
  • Car travel time 3h30min

Group Size

  • 1 to 8 people


If you want to departure from another place other than Ourense city, an additional charge might apply.

How can you get to Ourense? From Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña and Madrid, it is recommended to use the train with destination Ourense
(, we will pick you up at the station and take you back. If you need more information about how to get to Ourense, do not hesitate to contact us.

An example:

From Santiago de Compostela you can reach Ourense in 38 min (vehicle 1h 15min). The cost per person and journey is approximately 13 euros.

  • 1 Day*Standard Itinerary:

    10:00 - Departure from Ourense
    10:30 / 11: 40 - Visit to Monasteries / Monuments
    12:00 / 13:15 - Boat Trip
    13:30 / 15:00 - Lunch
    15:00 / 18:00 - Visit to Viewpoints and Monasteries / Monuments
    18:00 / 19:00 - Visit to Winery
    20:15 - Arrival to Ourense

    *Please note that both the route and schedules may vary depending on the season, availability of suppliers, hours of light and the pick-up place agreed with you.

Specific conditions

  • Some times along the year, we might have promotions that can be applied to prices, but only through our website.
  • The schedule shown is subject to change depending on the availability of the providers at the time of booking.
  • The boat trip is guaranteed during the high season. It is not guaranteed from November 1, 2017 until March 24, 2018, from Monday to Thursday. On holidays and from Friday to Sunday, it will be held if there is enough demand.
  • In case of not being able to realize the boat trip, another activity will be realized in the Ribeira Sacra.
  • Departures from another location that is not Orense city, it will involve an additional charge not included in the curent price.

Services included

* Included in a standard tour:

  • Visit to Monasteries / Monuments (between 2-4)
  • Visit to a winery withwine tasting (1h)
  • Lunch in an restaurant of the area (local and traditional food)
  • Boat trip (1h-1h30min) (during high season in a private one, in low season according to availability.)
  • Visit to different viewpoints (between 4-8)
  • Photos of the tour
  • Private transport

*According to your preferences the tour can be adapted since it is not possible to visit all the resources of the area in 1 day (we would need at least 3 days). By default we make the standard, but it can be tailored into more cultural, or more scenic, if you do not want the boat trip or the winery, we can incorporate another attraction in its place (if the difference in cost is important, then it may affect the price). We also try to incorporate some element of surprise.