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  • Parque Nacional das Illas Atlánticas
    Parque Nacional das Illas Atlánticas
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  • Natural Park Baixa Limia-Serra do Xurés
    Natural Park Baixa Limia-Serra do Xurés

    “Raia seca” landscapes...

  • Fragas do Eume
    Fragas do Eume

    The dream forest...

  • Natural Park Monte Aloia
    Natural Park Monte Aloia

    The peace of nature...

  • Natural Park O Invernadeiro
    Natural Park O Invernadeiro

    Mountain lesson...

  • Serra da Enciña da Lastra
    Serra da Enciña da Lastra

    The Sil treasure...

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Costa da Morte


Costa da Morte

Here was the end of the world, the 'Finis Terrae' of the Romans. Specifically, Cabo Fisterra, a fascinating place...

Costa da Morte


Costa da Morte

On this coast, we find deserted beaches, coves and cliffs...

Penedos de Pasarela e Traba

Body of stone, soul of legend

  • Penedos de Pasarela e Traba

The four “altos” that surround the Traba Valley make admirable lookout points. The valley is open to the ocean with extensive sands and a coastal lagoon included. Seen from the praia, the “altos” themselves provide one of the most spectacular panoramic views on the Costa da Morte (SCI). Stone upon stone they rise up to a height of 274 metres and proclaim their name, according to the form or legend that tradition gave them. The Pena dos Mouros, Pena Forcada, O Castelo and the Torre da Moa are the names of the four peaks that delimit the space.
We can reach them on foot from A Costa in the municipality of Traba, or, better still, from the south, on a route which commences in Pasarela, in the Calo municipality. Here, popular imagination has given descriptive names to the most unusual rocks in the area. A Cachucha, O Berrón, A Aguia, A Tartaruga, O Gardián are some of them. The same legal documents that protect them, tells about the dreamlike scenes created by the accumulation of rocky forms. Animal and human morphologies which at each glance put the imagination to the test.
As well as their aesthetic and scenic value the forms have enormous scientific value because they provide knowledge about the evolution of the landscape.

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