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Estuary "Ría de Cedeira"

This is the sea, rough and generous. A sea of barnacles…

Santiago de Compostela


Santiago de Compostela

World Heritage Site since 1985...

The Way of Saint James

The English Way on a sailboat and on a mountain bike

This is one of the most travelled Saint James Way routes that was used in medieval times to get to Santiago de Compostela. From Cedeira, This is one of the most travelled Saint James Way routes that was used in medieval times to get to Santo André de Teixido, we will sail to Ferrol. And from there we will continue the journey to Santiago by bike.


  • Starting point: Cedeira
  • Destination: Santiago de Compostela
  • Days: 4
We will experience a fast-paced adventure just like the pilgrims from northern Europe and the British Isles did in the past. Before travelling by land to the holy City of Santiago they disembarked in the north of Galicia.

This coastline boasts some of Europe’s highest cliffs, in the mountain range Serra da Capelada, where the beautiful sanctuary of Saint André de Teixido is located. We will sail to Ferrol, where we will begin the English Way to Santiago de Compostela by bicycle.

More information...
-Tower of Os Andrade (Pontedeume). . Tel_ 981 430 270
-Bruma hostel (Mesía). Tel_ 981 687 001
-Pilgrim’s Office (Santiago). www.peregrinossantiago.es

Route - Day 1

Sailing from Cedeira to Ferrol



We recommend staying overnight in the environment of Cedeira to make the best of the following day. The region of Ferrol offers wide range of hotels of up to four stars that coexist with country guesthouses and other charming lodgings.

Europe’s highest cliffs

After breakfast we head off to a place known as Garita de Herbeira, that we access from Cedeira. Along the way it is common to see wild horses grazing freely on the hills. The Garita is a spectacular lookout point on the north coast of the Atlantic, nestled in the heart of the mountain range Serra da Capelada. The small granite masonry hut offers a magnificent panoramic view of Europe’s highest cliffs, at an almost vertical drop of 600 metres above sea level.

Close by is the sanctuary of Saint André de Teixido. A popular proverb holds that “those who do not go there during their lifetime will do so after their death”. The chapel is in a small white village that stands among the cliffs, in the only point where the mountains are smooth enough for it to fit. Inside the chapel there is an original altarpiece that houses the mannerist image of the Apostle Saint Andrew. Pay attention to the votive offerings left in the chapel by those hoping for the miraculous intercession of the saint; or the sanandresiños, colourful figurines made from bread dough that represent the symbols of the arrival of Saint Andrew to these lands.

We stop along the way to swim in an idyllic beach

We say farewell to this place full of myths, legends and rituals and suggest walking 12 kilometres to Cedeira, along a trail full of magnificent natural beauty. To emulate the ancient pilgrims from the north of Europe and from the British Isles who long ago travelled to Santiago and arrived at this shore by boat, at mid-morning we propose boarding on a sailing boat in the port of Cedeira to sail all the way to Ferrol.

The journey can take from three to four hours, depending on the winds. We will see the rugged and wild coastline that we had previously seen from land and we can participate as novices manoeuvring the sailboat. Weather permitting, we can drop anchor in small coves that are otherwise inaccessible to take a dip, or else we can swim in other more famous beaches such as Pantín, considered a genuine surfing paradise.

A popular proverb claims that to Santo André de Teixido “vai de morto o que non foi de vivo” (those who do not go there during their lifetime will do so after their death)”

Going for tapas in Ferrol’s old quarter

Either on board or at a beach we can enjoy a picnic specially prepared for the occasion. Keep your eyes open at sea because it is not unusual to sight moon fish and schools of pilot whales or dolphins. Leaving behind Punta Frouxeira, Cape Prior and the sandy beaches of San Xurxo and Doniños we enter the narrow estuary of Ferrol all the way to the port of Curuxeiras, in Ferrol Vello (Old Ferrol), which for centuries has welcomed pilgrims arriving by sea. We can also see the non-stop coming and going of vessels from and to Mugardos, a small sea town on the opposite shore.
After landing and settling into our chosen accommodation we can visit the Old Ferrol at a more leisurely pace for the rest of the evening. Just behind the promenade known as Paseo de A Mariña the streets still preserve the typical seaside flavour. At dinner time we suggest that you do as the locals from Ferrol, who love to go tapas-dining in the A Magdalena, quarter, declared a Historic-artistic Interest Site.

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