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  • Spas of Galicia
    Spas of Galicia
  • Spas of Galicia
    Spas of Galicia
  • Spas of Galicia
    Spas of Galicia
  • Spas of Galicia
    Spas of Galicia
  • Spas of Galicia
    Spas of Galicia
  • Spas of Galicia
    Spas of Galicia
  • Spas of Galicia
    Spas of Galicia
  • Spas of Galicia
    Spas of Galicia
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Pathways for discovering a country

Pathways for discovering a country

Routes along the Atlantic coast and the Estuaries, valleys covered in vineyards...

O Ribeiro


O Ribeiro

O Ribeiro is a land of fertile valleys crossed by numerous rivers such as the Miño, the Arnoia or the Avia. O Ribeiro is synonymous with wine...

Galician Springs

Hot springs and O Ribeiro wines

The spa village of Laias y and O Carballiño offer us the healing properties of their micromedicinal mineral waters. We’ll combine this experience with the wine-filled richness of the lands of O Ribeiro,where we’ll tour a winery and sample its excellent wines.


  • Starting point: Cenlle
  • Destination: Punxín y San Amaro
  • Days: 3
We suggest that you enjoy the particular symbiosis between hot spring therapy and wine tourism in the heart of Galicia with a getaway to the lands of O Ribeiro and O Carballiño. Here the waters heal, create beautiful landscapes and exert a beneficial influence on the cultivation of grapevines.
More information...
-Designation of Origin  www.ribeiro.es
-Laias Spa (Cenlle). Tel_ 988 280 409
-O Carballiño Grand Spa. Tel_ 988 270 926
-Viña Meín Winery  www.vinamein.com

Route - Day 1

Mineral waters and charming landscapes in Laias

Laias’ waters have been enjoyed since Roman times
The districts of O Carballiño and O Ribeiro, in the province of Ourense, have been known since ancient times for their thermal waters and wine of the O Ribeiro Denomination of Origin, which today remain the basis of their economies. In this setting, the municipality of Cenlle provides spaces where water – which gushes forth at over fifty degrees – heals and also creates places of spectacular beauty.
In terms of accommodation, locally there are rural tourism houses and a spa hotel in the parish of Laias where the ancient Romans settled to mine the golden sands carried by the River Miño. We suggest that you arrive in Cenlle early in the afternoon so that you can enjoy at your leisure its scenery and micro-medicinal waters, whose benefits were appreciated as far back as 999 by Bermudo II, King of León, who came here accompanied by Prince Alfonso V to treat and obtain relief from his gout.
A walk along the banks of the River Miño
Once you’ve settled in at your chosen accommodation, we suggest you start making contact with this water- and forest-filled landscape. Outside of the spa village of Laias there is a path of just over two kilometres that allows you to walk among the vegetation at the edge of the River Miño, following its course to Barbantes-Estación.
Along the path – which is signposted and easy to walk – we’ll notice how the calm backwaters of the river are like a mirror reflecting these vineyard-covered hillsides, dotted with small villages and lush vegetation of carballos (pedunculate oak), cerquiños (Pyrenean oak) and other riparian species. Along the way, we’ll feel the coolness – and also some mystery – as we walk along the twisted and moss-covered trunks of the oaks that appear along the path.
Other sections have a more romantic air when the leaves fall and cushion our path. On the other side of the river stand grand mansions such as the seventeenth-century Pazo de Rioboo, whose beautiful baroque gate with Compostelastyle influences seems to offer us a friendly greeting.
A thermal treatment session in the spa.
When the walk is over, we can finish off the afternoon in the spa’s facilities, allowing the benefits of its hyperthermal and mostly bicarbonated and alkaline waters take effect on our health. Its outdoor heated pool and adjoining terrace are like a balcony with spectacular views to the Castrelo de Miño reservoir.
Dinner, based on meat and savoury pies, with O Ribeiro wine
At dinner time, these lands have excellent products from traditional Galician cuisine. We can start off our meal with a savoury pie, and follow it with meat richada-style, cachucha (pig’s head) or pork with turnip tops, accompanied by O Ribeiro Denomination of Origin wines. We suggest that you leave sampling the octopus á feira for tomorrow in O Carballiño, where the polbeiras (octopus cooks) enjoy a well-deserved fame.

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