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Julio Verne said that Captain Nemo's best kept secret is in Vigo. Did you know that this is where the Nautilus submarine came to stock up on gold? In Vigo's estuary there are dozens of sunken ships loaded with the gold from the Americas. Treasures that have not yet come to light.

But there are also treasures at everyone's reach. Such as strolling through the Old Quarter and having oysters in A Pedra. Or spending a day at the beach in Samil. Or visiting the Castrelos park,with its manor house and its gardens. Or going on a boat tour to the halcyon Cíes islands. Or strolling along streets full of elegant camellias. Or climbing up to the Castro (ancient fortification) to see an amazing sunset. And for those who feel young, Vigo's legendary night life… open till dawn.

This is Vigo, Galicia's largest city. A modern and venturous city, open to the world.

  • Casa Bárcena

    Casa Bárcena

    Today the Caixanova Social Centre, designed by Jenaro de la Fuente between 1879 and 1883.

  • Casa Bonín

    Casa Bonín

    (1910). In number 40-42 Areal Street, on the corner of Oporto Street. Designed by Jenaro de la Fuente in full Eclectic style.



  • Casa das Artes

    Casa das Artes

    Built in the first third of the twentieth century in García Barbón Street, designed by Romualdo de Madariaga in Rationalist style.

  • Casa de Pazos Figueroa

    Casa de Pazos Figueroa

    Number 4 in the Almeida Square, today the offices of the Camões Institute. Similar in style to Plateresque Renaissance architecture. Dates from the sixteenth century.

  • Pro-cathedral of Santa María

    Pro-cathedral of Santa María

    Built in 1836. Neoclassic, designed by Melchor Prado Mariño. Banco Pastor building. Built in 1923 by M. Gómez Roman. On the corner of Policarpo Sanz/Colón streets, constructed in the Eclectic Academicist style.

  • Banco Pastor building

    Banco Pastor building

    Built in 1923 by M. Gómez Roman. On the corner of Policarpo Sanz/Colón streets, constructed in the Eclectic Academicist style.

  • “O Sireno” sculpture

    “O Sireno” sculpture

    By Francisco Leiro. Porta do Sol.

  •  “Os Cabalos” sculpture

    “Os Cabalos” sculpture

    By the sculptor Oliveira.




  • Hotel Moderno

    Hotel Moderno

    By the French architect of Polish origin, Michel Pacewicz. Built in 1897 in full Eclectic style. Policarpo Sanz Street.

  • A Pedra Market

    A Pedra Market

    Traditional market recently remodelled to include a wide range of businesses. Visitors should not miss the oyster sellers offering passers-by a chance to enjoy this delicious shellfish.


  • Monument to Elduayen

    Monument to Elduayen

    In the gardens of As Avenidas. Designed by Agustín Querol.

  • Monument to Méndez Núñez

    Monument to Méndez Núñez

    In the Alameda park. Designed by Agustín Querol.

  • Monument to Work

    Monument to Work

    Sculpture by Ramón Conde at the start of the Gran Via Avenue.

  • Porta do Atlántico monument

    Porta do Atlántico monument

    By the artist Silveiro ribas, in América Square.

  • Quiñones de León Mansion and Museum

    Quiñones de León Mansion and Museum

    In Castrelos, with spectacular lawns and gardens (5 hectares in English and French style with rose bushes). Dates from the second half of the seventeenth century.

  •  Pre-Roman Galician Hill-Fort Settlement in Mount O Castro

    Pre-Roman Galician Hill-Fort Settlement in Mount O Castro

    Occupied from the seventh century BC to the second century AD.

  • Ribeira do Porto-O Berbés

    Ribeira do Porto-O Berbés

    Former fishing district with some examples of the harmonious and simple local marine architecture

  • Sanctuary of Mount A Guía

    Sanctuary of Mount A Guía

    In the district of Teis. Includes a perfect lookout point over the city and estuary. Hill crowned by a hermitage built in honour of Santa María das Neves.

  • Fraga-Caixa Galicia Theatre

    Fraga-Caixa Galicia Theatre

    Dates from the early twentieth century.

  • García Barbón Theatre

    García Barbón Theatre

     (1913). Policarpo Sanz Street, nº1. Built by Antonio Palacios in Eclectic Academicist style. Now the Caixanova Cultural Centre

Do not miss...


  • Cíes Islands - National Park Illas Atlánticas de Galicia

Visitors to Vigo  have the unique opportunity to come into contact with nature in its purest state: the Cíes Islands. These three islands are situated at the mouth of the estuary of Vigo, and form part of the Parque Nacional Marítimo Terrestre das Illas Atlánticas de Galicia. They have a campsite and regular transportation during the peak season for tourists, with various trips throughout the day, although the number of visitors is limited per day and the voyage must be reserved in advance. It is the ideal location to enjoy a natural landscape with glorious unspoilt beaches. It also has a wealth of flora and fauna, particularly sea birds.


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