Symbol of the city, Lighthouse of the world

In the city of  A Coruña, on the sea walk. Since it was built by the Romans, the lighthouse today known as the Tower of Hércules has been a monument worthy of mention. Roman histories and later sources describe it so down to our own times. 

The Tower became the symbol of the city of A Coruña, thus accepted by residents and institutions. It is the oldest working lighthouse in the world, that has lit the way for thousands of people over hundreds of years and is now a world heritage site.

Lighthouse from Roman times (2nd century A.D.), although there could have been a previous, Phoenician construction. Major modifications in the 17th and 18th centuries. Restored.

Exterior on a square ground plan with windows, access to the interior is by the excavations carried out around the lighthouse, and the upper part can be reached via a stairway that becomes spiral in the last stretch. It can be visited and has a museum inside.

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