Estuaries and beaches

Men are mere guests here, because the estuaries are in fact ruled by fish, seagulls, cormorants and tireless terns; the kings, after all, of the sky and sea.

Galicia's estuaries, long inlets that penetrate into the land, define the landscape and also, to a certain extent, the spirit of the people through a magical and astounding mélange of opposites: water-land; magic-real; giant-human. A symbiosis of different paths; through the sea and by land, which in the end may even lead to the sky, because isn't that where horizon and dreams meet?  

The 1,498 kilometers of coastline, in addition to its famous gastronomic wealth, provides this land with legends, trade, culture, leisure, marvellous landscapes and more than 700 beaches. From the gentle sand hills of the Rías Baixas (low estuaries) that invite one to rest and bathe, to the fury and might of the Rías Altas (high estuaries), battered by the wind.