Tourist Areas

We will help you discover Galicia the most natural way with an updated view of the tourist areas: the geodestinations.

From the Mariña Lucense in Lugo to the Rías Baixas, from Terras de Santiago to Ribeiro, 14 areas with boundaries formed naturally from its history and its unique features. Whether you like the beach or prefer the mountains, whether what you want is a cultural or culinary getaway, you'll find your place here.

And each one has its own attractions. In the Costa da Morte, rugged landscapes battered by rough and sometimes merciless seas. In Rías Baixas, sun and beaches of relaxing beauty. In Verín-Viana the most frenetic carnival you've ever seen. In Ribeira Sacra, high-hanging vineyards and impressive monasteries in unusual places. In Ancares-Courel, enchanted forests full of life.

From north to south, from east to west, enjoy the full extent of Galicia.