The Roman wall that surrounds the city of Lugo is the only one in the world that is complete. For this reason and because of its mysterious beauty it has been declared a World Heritage Site.

Legend has it that the Romans built the wall to protect not a city but a forest; "Augustus' Holy Forest", Lucus Augusti in Latin, from which Lugo takes its name. Today the forest is a mystery, but the wall still stands, defying time and speaking to those who know how to listen.

Built more than 17 centuries ago following the guidelines of the elegant works by Vitruvius, Lugo's wall measures over 2 kilometers and has 10 doors. Walking along the wall, which at some points is more than 7 metres wide, and stopping at one of its 85 towers makes you feel the power of Imperial Rome up close. And also allows you to enjoy the best views.

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