Galicia descends from stones and of the sea. It is marine but also granite; it is a land of quarrymen.

But not only for building cathedrals and major monasteries; here all civil works, even the smallest, are made of stone. Like the "hórreos" (granaries) that you will encounter at every step, typical of the rural world and which perhaps due to their simplicity and lack of vanity become something truly beautiful. Or the thousands of "cruceiros" (stone crosses) that bless the whole geography of Galicia and where it is always worthwhile to stop for a moment to peacefully admire the sensibility and craftsmanship of the hands that created them. And, of course, the "pazos" (large manor houses), standing solemn and elegant like feudal lords, with their sturdy stone walls and gardens, with the pride of their coat of arms.

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