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O Ribeiro


O Ribeiro

O Ribeiro is a land of fertile valleys crossed by numerous rivers such as the Miño, the Arnoia or the Avia. O Ribeiro is synonymous with wine...

Strolling Through Vineyards

Laias and O Ribeiro wines

A tour of Galicia’s largest acropolis, a balneotherapy session, a visit to a winery and the monastery where the Cistercian monks brought the first wine grape vines.


  • Starting point: Cenlle
  • Destination: Ourense
  • Days: 3
The culture of wine and hot springs are closely linked in the lands of the O Ribeiro region in inland Galicia. Its rugged terrain, a mix of rivers and mountains, create beautiful landscapes but also hold fabulous fortified Iron Age villages, shrines, churches and monasteries, considered the cradle of the excellent wines they produce.

Today, these wines are protected by the O Ribeiro Designation of Origin, and we encourage you to discover their wineries and rich heritage.

More information...
-Pazo Casanova winery. www.pazocasanova.com
-Viña Meín winery. www.vinamein.com
-Laias spa.Teléfono: 988 280 409

Route - Day 1

From Cenlle to Galicia’s biggest acropolis, the fortified pre-Roman Iron Age village of San Cibrao de Las


  • Fortified pre-Roman Iron Age village of San Cibrao de Las

    Fortified pre-Roman Iron Age village of San Cibrao de Las

  • Octopus in O Carballiño

    Octopus in O Carballiño

  • O Ribeiro vineyards

    O Ribeiro vineyards

  • Traditional Galician stew (cocido)

    Traditional Galician stew (cocido)

We propose starting off from Cenlle, a town on the shores of the River Miño where its waters accumulate due to the Castrelo de Miño reservoir. Its hot springs – which gush forth at more than 50 degrees – allow us to benefit from this resource in modern facilities.

We recommend that you get there early in the afternoon; that way, you’ll be able to use the time to schedule a visit to one of the interesting local heritage sites such as the spectacular fortified pre-Roman Iron Age village of San Cibrao de Las, – also known as “A Cidade” – very close to Cenlle, which straddles the municipalities of San Amaro and Punxín. It is considered to be Galicia’s largest. The surface area inside its walls covers nearly 100,000 m2, 9,000 of which are part of the acropolis.

Among the many items of the village that will grab your attention is one of its most unique: the water tank/fountain next to the west gate of the outer wall. The fort is known to have been inhabited between 200 BC and AD 200 by which time this culture was already in decline, hence the obvious signs of Romanisation seen in the acropolis. The entire village, located on the top of a gentle hill, is surrounded by a beautiful landscape of rolling hills and native vegetation.

A balneaotherapy session in Laias

After our tour, we suggest you put the final touch on the afternoon with a spa therapy session in the Laias hot springs facilities . It is documented that the King of León Bermudo II did so as well; in 999 he visited this region accompanied by Prince Alfonso to recover from the gout he was suffering, as he knew of the hyperthermal water’s healing properties. Today, we know that the water is predominantly bicarbonated and alkaline. Enjoying a swim in the heated outdoor pool brings health benefits but also excellent views as well, as it is like a balcony from which you can contemplate the calm waters of the River Miño in the Castrelo de Miño reservoir. If we’re in the mood, we can also enjoy a health, relaxation or beauty treatment.

"As long as there’s water in the Miño, there’ll be wine in O Ribeiro." . "Mentras auga teña o Miño, no Ribeiro non falta viño" .
 Dicho popular

We wash down the best local delicacies with a glass of Ribeiro

For dinner, there is a wide variety of quality local products for delighting our palates. Next to a glass of DO Ribeiro wine, we might choose Cea-style bread and a plate of á feira-style octopus, prepared as they do in the nearby town of O Carballiño which is famous for its pulpeiras, accompanied by cachelos (potatoes) and some A Arnoia peppers, if in season. If we prefer meat, we can opt for a cachucha (pig’s head) or lacón con grelos.



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